This little bug lurves water.  Pools, baths, fountains, hoses.  It doesn't matter.
We broke out the baby pool today and Reesie loved it!

{thanks Mary for the oh-so-adorable bathing suit!!}

praising Him early!

Why does she look so loooong and skinnnnny in this pic??

Professional squatter.



1.  I love baby booties and leg rolls.
3.  Her mullet is starting to curl.  I love it.

Oh wait.  Did I already say that?
Well, it deserved another mention because OMGEEEE, walking is not far behind.

I knew she'd be walking before she was potty trained.
Not that I ever worried about that...

P.S.  I have 2 ADORABLE videos to post and can't figure out how.  I used to know, but now I don't.  Help.


Bad blogger!

It's been a while since I posted anything substantial on this blog!  I finally have time {and pics} to update!  Really quickly though, here are 12 month stats:

Weight: 22 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 29 inches
Head Circumference: 44 cms

All of these measurements put her in the 50th percentile from her head to her toes!

Now, I have to update on all of Peanutty's newest talents!
- If you say the word "flower", she "sniffs" the air.
- She can say book, flower {fower}, outside {side}, swing {iiiiing}, cup/snack {buppppp}, birdy {birrreee}, ball
- She barks like a dog all day long and knows what a bird says.
- Still not walking, but is down to holding on to one finger on one hand!
- OBSESSED with the book, I Am A Bunny by Richard Scary
- Getting very good at feeding herself
- She can point to and say "eye" when pointing to the eye on a baby doll or stuffed animal.

Reese has started staying with a lady who keeps a couple other kids.  Besides crying when I drop her off and crying when I pick her up {why?} she is looooving it!

Now to the good stuff.  We had a photo shoot in the driveway today!  Enjoy!

I can't handle this face.

This is my view most days...

 She's a professional squatter!

 Playing in the water!!

Eating Smelling the flowers!!