It's someone's special day!!

We love you "TOOOOOO MUCH!"

You'll notice things fell apart when I got both kids involved in the photo.  Ahh, such is life with 2 babies...


We're halfway there....

6 months old.  I can't believe it!!  My little Jack-man seems to have filled my heart like he's been around longer than 6 months!  He's def. a favorite around here and I think we'll keep him. :)  Reese has declared him to be her "bestest frand."  Who can argue with that?  Also...I will make both of them read this in about 10 years!

Can I just say that although I like to snuggle newborn babies, I am happy to have a 6 month old.  We have a {somewhat} predictable routine and I feel like I'm getting to see his little personality shine through.  He has the biggest smile and has 2 little dimples working their way through.  I love it!

Jack has been eating baby food for about 2 months now.  He eats bananas mixed with rice cereal and formula for breakfast and then a fruit {stage 2} baby food at night.  I'd love to say that I'm forcing veggies, but I'm not.  See?  There are advantages to being a 2nd born!  

He usually wakes up between 6:30-8.  He can only stay up about 2 hours before he's ready to go down.  If it's a good day, he'll take 2-3 hour naps twice a day and then a 45 min nap while we're eating dinner.  That's a good day, I'll remind you!  He goes down about 8 and then wakes up at 6:30.  Sometimes he wakes up at 11 just to rock, and I don't mind at all {here comes that 2nd child thing again.} :)

He laughs and cries with a lot of passion.  He definitely lets us know when he's not happy, but he is happiest when held.  He sits on his own pretty well and has started the beginning stages of crawling.

Jack-jack is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  He weighs 18 pounds {50%} and is 28 inches long {90%}.  His head circumference is in the 75th percentile.

He loves the bath a lot more than his sister did.  He goes stiff as a board, which makes bathing challenging.  I literally have to push his tummy in to make him sit down.  He startles very easily and a little noise like a cough or someone laughing can scare him.

He's still a terrible car rider.  He starts screaming after about 15 minutes of being on the road.  Reese then tells me that he's screaming over and over again.  He eventually falls asleep about 5 minutes before we reach our destination.  Great timing, buddy!!

I have to say, I never could have imagined that I could love this boy as much as I do.  It's almost an impossible thing to imagine your heart making room for 2 babies to love, but it just happens. I cannot say enough how blessed I feel to have these 2 kiddos!!


Please don't think our photoshoot was all successful.  
I present to you:::::



Love you buddy!!

PS.  You notice that 99.9% of our pictures include a wide open mouth.  That's par for the course around here!