Double Digits!!

10 months.  Wow.  That seems so old {esp. since she's now almost 11 months.  Gulp.}  I'm wondering if the reason I am always 2-3 weeks late on updating her monthly stats is because I'm in denial?  Possibly.

I will say though that 10 months has been one of my fav. months so far.  She is getting anywhere she wants to go.  She is getting more verbal and she is just so much more interactive.

She's also eating fun things like spaghetti!!

She now has 6 teeth!!!  Well, 2 are making their way in, but still.
She is wearing 9 month and 6-12 month clothes, depending on the brand.
She says "ruff ruff" if you ask what a doggy says.
She pulls up on everything and crawls everywhere.
She is starting to screech/scream to show excitement and frustration.
She now has a big girl car seat and looks so big in it!!
Besides meats, there has been no foods that she won't eat.  The girl does not struggle with an appetite.  I hope this continues!

She scrunches her nose and squints her eyes when she smiles and laughs.
 Channeling a certain pair of eye-squinters overseas, perhaps??
{who arrive for a visit in less than 3 weeks!!!!}
We also tried out a new 'do this month.  Little Pebbles cracks me up!!!
 I wish you could see the hair sticking straight up behind the bow.  It makes the look.
I can't believe I'm doing things like planning 1st birthday events, buying 12-18 month clothes, and thinking about "walking" shoes!  This just doesn't seem right.
But, isn't that how life is?  At least, life with an impending 1 year old!


Snow Day!!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a teddy bear snowsuit?  I think not.  Behold:

She loved it and acted like it was the most normal thing.  She even got mad when we brought her inside.  She def. didn't get her apparent love of coldness from me!




Soo cute!


She's got skills, they're multiplyin....

...and I'm loooooooosin control.

Seriously.  9 months came along and so did Miss Independent.

Mad skills.  That's what she's got.  Here are a few:

1.  Practicing her swan dive off the changing table.  This is where she first began to react to the word, "NO."  She cries when she hears that word now.  She just wants to roll and grab and stand and do everything but lay the booty down and get a new diaper.  
Can a 9 month old be potty trained?

2.  Grinding her teeth.  OMG.  Nothing sounds worse than 4 baby teeth rubbing together.  Why is she trying to file them down?  They just came in like a month ago.  
Can a 9 month old wear a mouth guard?

3.  Barking like a dog.  "Arf arf" is constant.  Especially if she hears a dog bark.  Yes, this does mean she's a genius.  I'm sure the people at Target who listened to the barking for an hour think she's brilliant.  
Can a 9 month old wear a muzzle?

This is what the majority of pictures look like now:


Can a 9 month old be controlled?
That's a big fat NO.

{cue the crying.}