Some videos...

It's been an exhausting week and I owe my son a 5 month post {can't believe it!} but tonight, I'm just posting a couple of videos.  Poor baby Jack has ZERO videos of him, so now's a perfect time to start.  He's doing what he does best: eating!!  He's got all the motions down.  Tonight he had apples, which were making him gag a lot.  Of course, I got that on video, but can't get it to upload.  Oh well.   He has eaten squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  He gags on apples.  Weird.  Anyways...enjoy our favorite "wittle fewwa"{little fella} eating and laughing!!

You see that right arm flapping?  He does this all day long!  Especially when he gets excited!
I could eat him with a spoon!! 


How the song should go!

Rain, Rain...Don't go away,

Please come back any other day!

My little Reesie loves to play

Rain, Rain...Don't go away!


4 months!

Can't believe my little man is 4 months old!

Can I be honest?  4 months is when things get fun.  Don't get me wrong, nothing is like newborn snuggles and sleepiness, but 4 months is the AWAKENING!  I love it.  Personality is overflowing.  Laughs and smiles are abundant.  You feel like you're taking care of YOUR baby instead of A baby...know what I mean?

Now.  These past 4 months have not been without struggle.  We are STILL battling tummy issues.  Even with new meds and new formula, spit up happens.  OFTEN.

But.  BUT.  The grins and laughs and discovering his hands and feet and rolling over.  Such fun.  And seriously, things are only going to get better from here! 

weight: 15.7 {25-50%}
length: 25.5 {50%}
head: can't remember the number, but it was 50%.

He's a growing boy and has doubled his birth weight in 4 months!

He's a mama's boy {don't mind at all} and perks up when Sister is around.  He loves to make eye contact and smiles freely when you talk to him.  He also loves to stare at himself in the mirror and is OBSESSED with ceiling fans!

He has started rolling both directions, but not all the time yet.  His hand-eye coordination is really good!  He can grab things and bring them towards him very well.

Teething has commenced.  He is chewing and drooling like crazy!!  Reese was just like this at that age.

Now, I would love to say that he's a great sleeper, but I would be lying.  He's not really on a consistent schedule and sometimes that drives me crazy!!   He USUALLY takes a short morning and evening nap and a longer afternoon nap {45 mins-1 hour in the morning and evening; 2-3 hours in the afternoon.}  Then he has been going down between 7 and 9 {see?  unpredictable} and wakes up at WHO KNOWS WHEN!  Sometimes it's 11, sometimes it's 3.  Very rarely he will make it until 5 or 6.  Sigh.  One day he will make it longer than 4 or 5 hours!!  I'm just waiting for that day. :)  Like, last night he went to sleep at 8.  He woke up and ate at 2. Then woke up for good at 7.  That's a pretty good schedule.  Not every night is like this :)

We are also doing foods!  We started with rice cereal, but he's a pro at the whole tongue-control issue, so we've moved onto bananas and carrots so far.  I will attempt a green veggie or pears or something else soon.

See what I mean?  4 months is like a whole new world!

I love this little boy so much my heart literally aches.  I never knew how easily his little piece would fill up our family puzzle.  He was made just for us and I am so blessed!