so ridicuwas.

My almost-4-year-old {wahhhhh} is embarking into the world of adjectives head first.  We are full of descriptive words.  No longer is it ok to just wear a shirt, we have to wear a beautiful shirt.  A pair of boots has become a pair of wuvewy {lovely} boots.

When she puts on a princess dress {which is literally every.single.day}, she looks in the mirror and proclaims, "well, don't I just look fabeewous {fabulous}!"

I think it is so hysterical.  She always has the facial expressions that go with the word.  
"Mommy, isn't it disgusting and so ridicuwas that Jack doesn't wisten to me?"  As she stands there with her arms crossed and shaking her head. 

Yes, yes it is ridicuwas. 


Starting the new year off with a bang!

Or...a bust!

Jack + train table = fat lip :(