A month gone by

A looooong time has passed since my last post...just haven't felt like blogging! A lot has happened in a month. Let's attack this bullet-style!

- Jack is now 10 months! He is cruising and clapping and waving and barking like a dog!! He says mama, dada, hey T, hey there, and bye bye.

- Reese is now potty trained!! During the day at least. I have to brag on her...she was basically trained in like 4 hours! She had 2 accidents that first morning, and has been large and in charge ever since! She is still in a pull up at night, but I couldn't be more proud!!

- We had a wonderful Christmas, although Reese had an ear infection...in fact, we were at Urgent Care Christmas Eve! I will do a more detailed post later!

I promise to do a better update later!


9 months!

Happy out-of-the-womb-longer-than-I-was-in-it month Baby Jack!

You are my:

pulling up, 

2 toothed, 




blue-eyed, blonde-haired, 

20 pound little turkey!

Happy 9 month birthday sweet boy!

Love you bunches and bunches!!


Christmas Cards!

Well, it's that time of year again...Christmas cards!!  I thought last year was tough making a cute picture for cards and I only had 1 child to make smile...now I have 2!!  I figured that I would need a card that featured multiple pictures so I can pick and choose what I like.  Tiny Prints has so many to choose from!  Here are a few that I think are adorable!
**All of these cards can be found here.**

I loooove the color scheme in this one!

So cute...and so many different spots for pics!

Love those cute little trees on the bottom!

I really like this one!

I love the message on this one!

So, if you haven't ordered your Christmas cards yet, go HERE and I have no doubt you will find 1 {or 12} that you love!



Someone loves the tub!
{splash maniac}

{he will be walking before we know it!}
{can you handle that face/hair?  i cannot.}

And, here's sweet sister who had a traumatic diaper/bath experience...stupid food allergies :(


Happy "How-Da-Ween"

Otherwise known as "Halloween"!

My little princess had the best time and, as is her nature, was not shy at all.  She thoroughly enjoyed ringing the doorbells and getting her pumpkin all "fulled up!"

Army man Jack was just along for the ride most of the time!  I'm sure next year, he will be right with his big sissy.

We started our festivities at "Trunk or Treat" at the church.  CHAOS.
That's the only word to describe it!
Reesie did get to go fishing though....she loved that!

But really, Jack jack had the best seat in the house!

Then, last night we hit the neighborhood.  We really only went to a few houses, but we still had fun!

Reese didn't quite understand that you don't actually go in people's houses!  When they opened the door, she would hop right in!

Babs and Jack

It was dark by the time we really got going, so these pics are less than stellar, but it's the memories, right?

I'm pretty sure this is when she was running fast screaming,

I'm so glad my princess and army man enjoyed their How-da-ween!!


8 months!!

Do you see that snotty, drooly 8 MONTH OLD little boy up there??

I can't believe it!

My little Jack is becoming quite the charmer.  He smiles with his whole body.  He laughs and giggles all day.  He still isn't on a great schedule, but it's ok; I forgive him.  How can I not when I look at a face like this:

I mean, have you ever?

He is certainly smitten with his sister and as long as he's not stealing the one toy she just needs to be playing with right at that moment, she's smitten with him too!

It doesn't hurt that she apparently has irresistible hair.  Her cousin Noah thought so too.

Do you see that pinky toe?  I loooooove that pinky toe.  I really love all his toes.
Why are baby toes so adorable?

He's sitting up like a pro and army crawling like it's his job.  I imagine once he gets the hang of really crawling, I'll be exhausted at a level I cannot even imagine.

He's a pretty exhausting kiddo anyway.  Add mobility into that and Lord help us!

Do you see that middle picture?
My heart can't take his smiles sometimes.
No words.

In terms of development, not much has changed between 7 and 8 months.  Not crawling yet.  No more teeth.  No idea how much he weighs.  Still wearing the same size clothes.  9 months should be more interesting because we will at least go to the doctor and get an updated weight. 

I'm so thankful for my little boy and can't wait to see what next month brings!


Fun at the Fair!

Another fall activity: THE FAIR!!  
I have always loved the fair.  The food, rides, carnies...it def. has a place in my heart.  Now, I get to enjoy the fair through the eyes of a child and it is 10x better!!  My little peanut looooooved the fair.  Last year, Lauren and I took her and she loved the petting zoo.  This year she hated the petting zoo and loved the rides.  Who knew!? 

Behold, the petting zoo:

And my favorite...the dreaded llama {who gave her nightmares days later!}
HA...do you see her little hands up by her face?  Hilarious.
{I'm not a mean mommy. Promise.}

Jack Jack was there too!!

{Notice he's always in the stroller during our fun activities...I have to contain him while I can.  He's already army crawling and pulling up.  My stroller days are limited.}

Now.  Onto the rides.  Girl loved the rides.  We {naively} didn't buy the wristband.  Next year = wristband.
Yes.  Babs got in on the fun too.  I was worried she was going to get all pukey, considering she can't even play ring-around-the-rosie without feeling nauseous, BUT no pukeys!

And just so you can get the full effect of her love for the rides:

You hear that "weeeeeee" the whole time?  
Yep.  That's my girl!

Thank you FAIR for the memories!!
Thank you iPhone for capturing them!!