During playtime...

we share raisins with mommy...

Thomas rides in buggies...

Mrs. Potato Head is the train conductor...

soccer is a serious sport...
 {see that right arm?  she ALWAYS does that when she kicks the ball.}
we have a monkey and a bed pan in our kitchen...
we put tambourines in our barns...

we take power naps in our tent...
 {you know this is fake, right?}

we play with creepy pianos and toys from the 70s...
and when brother wakes up?
we take the party into the crib...
When taking the above picture, this is the conversation that was taking place...
"Baby Jack, we need to say our nighttime prayers.  God is grace, God is food.  Amen"
{my heart literally almost explodes when I see that picture.}
 Playtime is so fun with a 2-year-old!


Off they go...

We had to say goodbye to our favorite world travelers last week.  It was so good to spend time with them, but we will miss them something fierce!!  Esp. that little red-headed munchkin of theirs!  Here are some pics of our time together!

{this little boy loooves his daddy!}

{I looove his curls!}

{and his dimples!}

{We had a little 1st birthday party for Noah.  He loved it for the first 5 mins...we won't talk about the last 5 mins!}

{Cousin love!  How sweet!}

We certainly will miss that little family, but we know they are exactly where they are called to be.  What great examples to listen to the little whispers in your heart...they can lead you on some amazing adventures!


5 {1/2} Months!

Oops.  We are halfway to 6 months now, but I want to get these things recorded!

Our sweet "brudder" has already been around 5 months and it seems like he's always been here!  Can't believe he is almost half a year old!!  He's certainly a snuggle baby and LOVES to be held or at least looked at all day.

Jack-man, at 5 months you are:
- Rolling over
- Eating your feet

- Sleeping from 7:30/8:00 pm - 6:30-8:00 am
- Takes 3 naps a day {morning and evening naps are NEVER longer than an hour.  Afternoon nap is HOPEFULLY longer than 2 hours!}
-Wearing size 2 diapers
- Size 3-6 month clothes.  6 month sleepers and smocked outfits
- Teething like a mad man.  Seriously.  Drooling and chewing all the time!

- Used to love the paci, but since the teething began, paci has become indifferent
- Great eater: bananas mashed up with formula {and Prevacid} in the mornings, and any veggie at night before bed.  He gags with most fruits {besides bananas} but loves him some squash, carrots, sweet potatoes,  and peas.  His nose will be turning orange any day!
- Takes 4-5 6 oz. bottles a day.
- Loves to watch Reese.  She goes around calling him brudder, sister, and/or cousin.  She's a little confused.  He wants to be wherever she is.

- He's got a mean screech that lets you know he is NOT HAPPY with his situation.  This situation usually involves not being held.  His scream is ear-piercing.  It's intense.
- Not a great car rider, which is pretty unfortunate, considering how much we are in the car!
- Still spitting up all the live long day.  When will it end?
- Big blue eyes and {what I think will be} blonde hair.  He doesn't have much hair, but what's coming in is blonde!

- When he's not being held, he tolerates the bouncy seat and exersaucer.
- Belly laughs at dogs.  Only black and white dogs.  Haha, it's weird but ADORABLE!

My little man,
What a joy you are!  Even when my arms tire of holding you, my hearts grows with love for you!  Now, you seem to be pretty "I-know-what-I-want-and-I-want-it-now", and that's ok...but we may have to have a life lesson about going with the flow!  I can't believe you have the same gorgeous eyes as your sister and your daddy.  Why did I get left out?  Speaking of your sister, she's pretty crazy about you.  She wants you to sit on her lap a lot.  She gives you her toys {even if it's only for .02 seconds} and likes to make sure you have a clean diaper and clean clothes.  She also tries to bathe you!  Sorry about all the water in your eyes and nose.  She's learning.  I imagine you will be splashing her before long.  I can't wait to see your relationship develop.  She might boss you around later in life, but you better believe that she's going to protect you.
I can't wait to see what you make of your life.  God has some amazing things planned, I just know it.  How lucky am I that I get to be a part of it!

So glad you're mine!


Don't let this face fool you....

She's TWO.

Enough said?

No?  Well, let me explain.  She tests limits and boundaries.  She tells me to spank her and then says she will spank me.  She says "No", "I no want to", "Go get it", and "Dat's MINE!" many times of the day.

She tests my patience and my discipline skills.  She makes me want to buy books entitled Surviving the Terrible Twos , Help! What happened to my sweet, well-behaved baby? , and Going in Target with your 2-year-old and leaving with your sanity.
I kid.

Somedays I feel like all I say is "Reese, stop that."  "Reese, listen to mommy."  "Reese, why are you crying?"  
She redeems herself with her hugs and kisses and songs and questions and hand holding and "mommy, hold ya" and "Wub ya".

And then I decide that it's definitely worth it.

Just make sure you're never without wine.


2 little monkeys...

laying on the bed!


To our Babs:

You love us when we're new, 

And when we try to eat you.

You love us when we're one,

And we're always having fun.

You give us lots of kisses,

And hand out hugs galore,

And even when things get crazy,

We couldn't love you MORE!!!

Happy Birthday!