My Fave-wit Pwace!

You might think you know where a 2-year-old loves to hang out.

A park?

That's a logical guess.


In the pool?

Why yes, that's a good thought.


But if you were to ask Reese what her favorite place is, she would tell you this:

"Pug Wits"

That's Publix in Reese-speak.  
Who can blame her though?  I mean...free cookies, balloons, coloring books.  Plus she gets to steer us around in the oh-so-coveted "car buggy".  No wonder she begs to go there when she wakes up from her nap or anytime she's buckled into her car seat.

I knew she was in love when we pulled up the other day and she exclaimed, 
"Ohhh Pug Wits...dats my faaaaaaaave-wit pwace!" 


She's got it all!

If she were eating a popsicle, her life would have been complete.

Actually, I'm pretty sure she had one a few minutes after this photo was taken!


Out of the mouths of babes.

Well, specifically this babe:

This little girl is a spitfire.  She knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.  She told me over the weekend that she loves "pinking".  That's "thinking" in Reese-ology.

I have to remember to write these things down more often because I know it's coming.  The day is coming when I won't remember and soon she'll be slamming doors in my face and running up my phone bill and I might forget about the day when she grabbed my face in her hands and said "Mommy, I be sweet to you."

And let it be known I will shed tears when she no longer substitutes a W for where an L should be.  Do you know how sad I will be when she doesn't say things like "hewwo", "I wike it", "I wove cheese", or "Mommy, come pway wif me."

She won't describe everyday things as scrumptious, beautiful, or amazing forever.

She won't pick up her play phone to talk to "granddaughter" {who knows} much longer.  She probably won't always end conversations with her signature: "bye-see-ya-soon-bye" spoken at about 100 mph, almost unrecognizable she says that phrase so fast.

She will {more than likely} not want to share her toys with Baby Jack in the future.  She might not always know the SECOND he makes any noise and tell me he needs his "paceeefyer".  She might not always comfort him by saying "Don't cry Baby Jack.  I'm here.  You're fine."

I will be sad when she stops adding extra syllables into words like: "waaaayeeeer" {where} and "yayus" {yes}.

She might not always call a crocodile a "crackerdier" or an elephant an "ephant".

What happens when she no longer wants to sleep with "Kigger" {Tigger} and Gigi?  What about when she doesn't come up to me and reach up and say "hold you mommy." 

I know she won't always run up to complete strangers, hug their legs, and tell them her name is "Reesie", followed by "that's my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Jack."  The months are counting down for her to be able to hold out her thumb and index finger and say she's "twoyasold".

I love that she gets all her meals mixed up and "brea-fast", "wunch" and "dinner" may be at any time of the day.

She let's me know when she hears "funder" or sees "wightening."  She still wants to be held when "de woud noise scare me."

I love that she calls her Storybook Bible her "special book."

I love most of all that I will have this post and many others to look back on and remember this precious girl at such a fun age!



Think they're related??