Sweet child of mine!

What she lacks in the walking department {nope.  still not there.  it's coming.  i can feel it}, she makes up for in the TALKING department!  

There has been a language explosion in the last few weeks and it is so fun!  I'd rather her talk than walk any day!  Here's what I could think of so far:
{this is really just a list for me to look back on.  also, the words in {...} are how it actually sounds!}

1. Dance {danch}
2. Shoes {oosh}
3.  Bye Bye
4.  Hi
5.  All done {alllllllllllduh}
6.  Kitchen {chichen}
7.  Bath {bah}
8.  Nite nite {ni ni}
9.  Outside {side}
10.  Slide {side}

11.  Swing {sing}
12.  Baby
13.  Uh oh
14.  Please {peas}
15. Thank you {tanku}
16.  Diaper {diapuh}
17.  Birdie
18.  Cheese
19.  Eyes
20.  Elmo {melmo}

21.  Cracker {tracka}
22.  Now
23.  Book
24.  Ball 
25.  She says {and knows the correct order of} 1, 2, 3
26.  She knows a train as a "choo choo" and a car as a "vroom vroom"
27.  She knows the motions to "the wheels on the bus"
28.  She points to her eyes, nose, and sometimes mouth
29.  She can make the animal noises of a dog, cat, cow, bird, bee, and tiger
30.  She also can identify her mama, daddy, T, Babs, and herself {baby} in pictures!

I will say that this is such a fun age!  She is just so cute and sweet and funny!


Redneck wagon...

Really.  Who needs a wagon, when you have a cooler?!


Do you swag?

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Dunder Mifflin: I'm in love!

So, I tend to not enjoy things {tv shows, bands, movies} once they become overly-popular.  I don't know, there's just something in me that doesn't like what everyone else likes WHEN everyone else likes it.  Except for LOST.  Because, well, it's LOST. 

Case in point:  The Office.

I know the show has been on like 6 years, but B and I just started watching it on Netflix {streamed via Xbox...Genious!} and I'm in love.  Seriously, we watched all of seasons 1 and 2 in approximately 4 days.  My heart gets all flittery when I see Jim and Pam together.  Also, I cannot handle Dwight's antics.  B and I have cried while laughing at the show.  We both agreed that it's the "realness" of the show.  It doesn't feel like we're watching a filmed tv series, it actually feels like we are a fly on the wall in this office.

I could talk about all of the characters, because they are all hilarious and awkward and loveable and outrageous!  I spent an hour last night watching the bloopers on Youtube and I was laughing outloud.  I will say that I love being able to watch episode after episode with no commercials.

I think it's safe to say I'm a fan.

You should be too!


I sure do love my...

happy, giggly, not-yet-walking, mooing, barking, tweeting, buzzing, water-loving, book reading, mullet-rocking, 12-hour-sleeping, blue-eyed, tan-skinned, toothbrush-loving, ticklish, always hungry, yo gabba gabba obsessed, cabinet-mastering, tupperware-loving, cheerio-obsessed, open-mouth-kissing, door-shutting, remote-control-aholic, cell-phone talking, hairbow-hating, shoe-wearing, all around adorable...



Before I get in trouble...

Here are some videos of Peanut.  More substantial post coming soon!!

Reese laughing from Jen Dismukes on Vimeo.

If that doesn't make you laugh, I don't think anything will!!

This next video was taken on June 7th, 2010

Untitled from Jen Dismukes on Vimeo.

She knows what a doggy says, she was just distracted!!

And, this video was taken EXACTLY one year before the one above, on June 7th, 2009...

Untitled from Jen Dismukes on Vimeo.

What a difference a year makes!