Reese's Resume

Would look something like this...

Age 3

  • lots of "in-home" training

Work experience:
  • Professional whiner (2011-present)
  • Big girl potty-er
  • Big sister (2011-present)
  • Mud-pie maker
  • Room destroyer

  • Producing tears in an instant
  • Showing interest in something at the exact same time as my brother
  • Rememberer of everything that has ever happened to me
  • Stalling bedtime at least 30 minutes
  • Having amazing comedic timing

Famous Sayings:
  • "Don't say no to me, that makes me nervous."
  • "It's too late for hugs."
  • "I want to eat at the westernaut." {restaurant}
  • ::when mom gives me the I'm-in-trouble eye:: "are you happy now?"
  • "I'm crying because you hurt my feelings."
  • "I can't bewieve it!" {believe}

  • Jack, my brother: I'll command him to give me a great reference
  • Babs: I can do no wrong in her eyes
  • Nana: I'm her princess
  • Diane: she plays with me everyday


Our night

I took the kiddos to Burger King to play in the huge play area (and eat some nuggets). Of course, nothing is smooth when it comes to my family:

- I ran to get some ketchup and when I walked back in, Jack came running up to me holding...NOT HIS SIPPY CUP. It had some unknown liquid and although I didn't see him drink it...nope, I'm not going there. He was just holding it, nothing else.

- then, a 5 year old girl came in in her pajamas (no judgies, but it was a flannel gown...odd). Her and Reese played for a couple minutes and then she came running up to me saying she had to poop but her mom was making her wait until they got to a friend's house bc she has 2 potties. I told her to go find her mommy.

- as we were leaving, an older couple was sitting in a booth right by the door eating ice cream cones. Reese walked right up to the lady and TRIED TO LICK HER CONE. Y'all, I was mortified. Luckily, they laughed and then offered Reese a cone, but she told them she can't have milk. Why did she not remember that before she assaulted the lady's cone?

If you never see me in public again, you'll know why.

Although I was tempted to make him drink sanitizer, we settled on half water, half lemonade. He's lucky he's so cute!


18 month cuties!

 Reese at 18 months

Jack at 18 months

Could you die???  Look at little Reesie!!
Jack's not quite 18 months, but close enough!

I know, I haven't blogged in forever, but it's always crazy when school starts.  
Reese started medicine last week and from what I can tell, it's working.  We are still waiting to see a neurologist, but that can take 6-8 months...ridiculous!

Jack is still being amazingly adorable and I have to stop myself from kissing his face 24/7.
Reese is hilarious and her ability to reason like an adult is frightening, honestly.  She starts MDO in a month, and I look forward to my daily reports.  She won't get a report for being too quiet, I'll tell you that.

Jack has his 18 month apt. at the end of this month, so I can update his stats then!