His favorite things!

Jack has become very opinionated in his ripe ol' age of almost 22 months.  Oh toddlerhood...what a fickle time.

If left up to him, he would survive on the following 4 foods forever and ever:
1. scrambled eggs - he requests them morning, noon, and night.
2. fruit snacks - aka "foot nacks"

3. french fries - aka "frinfry" said as one long word.
4. blackberries - I really need to invest in a blackberry bush.  He inhales them.

His favorite forms of entertainment:
1. planes, trains, and automobiles - I think every single Christmas gift is in the transportation category.
2. Fireman Sam - have yall ever heard of him?  It's a British clay-mation show that, for some reason, has both of my kids obsessed.  Netflix has it and for that I am grateful.
3. iPad/iPhone - admittedly, we have created a monster who gets MOST unhappy when it is put away.  When he is in detox {it's serious folks}, and we mention he can have it, he yells "hipad {iPad} hoooooooooray!" and goes running to the back, where it's hidden.
4. Paci and Sassy - his always-present pacifier and beloved lovey.  He's never far from them.

If Jack were stranded on a desert island, I have no doubt he would enjoy his time as long as he had those 8 items.

I love this boy!