Dear Reese:

Why are you still getting older?  Didn't I tell you to stop growing around 3 weeks old?  I feel weird buying things in size 18 and 24 months.  They look HUGE!  And yet, you will soon outgrow them.  I must admit, shopping for these does excite me, but it is also very sad. {Squeee, I loooove baby keds!}

Time is an ellusive concept.  How can 1 hour pass so fast and the next, seemingly slooooooow?  It seems as though on the 9th of every month this past year, I have woken up and the previous month has flown by.  Will it be like that forever?  If I had a magical power, it would be to slow down time. 

Before I know it, you will be wearing big girl keds and sporting pigtails with your backpack and lunch box and heading to kindergarten! 



Spring Break !!

This past week was spring break and Reese and I took advantage of the time and played with lots of friends!  First, we went to Newnan and played with Natalie and Kylie!!  Please look at this pic that was taken in June of 2009:
And look at the girls now!!

It's crazy when you look at the difference!! 
{Esp. the hair!!}

We also went to Montgomery because Scott and Cat came into town!!!

I don't have any pics of Cat yet...but they will be here for 3 weeks!

 So sweet!!

We couldn't have asked for better weather and of course took soooo many photos!

I'm so glad it's spring!!!  My favorite time of year and a chance to play outside {and take pictures} everyday!


12 Lifesavers!

Since we are nearing Reese's first birthday, I thought I would give you a list of 12 things that I couldn't have made it through this year without.  These are in no order, it's just how I remembered things.

1.  Miracle Blanket. 

I believe we've talked about the "miracle-ness" of this blanket.  But for real, if you have a baby that likes to be swaddled...this is worth the money.

2.  Duck Bathtub
This bathtub {Munchkin product} was perfect for Peanut when she was at the "in-between" stage and had outgrown the infant bathtub, but was too small for the huge bathtub.

3.  Boppy pillow
This was a lifesaver in the early days.  Whether you actually feed a baby on this or prop them up with it, it really is a much needed baby item!

4. Bumbo seat
This was great for when Reese couldn't quite sit up on her own, but had good head control.  Of course, don't leave your baby unattended when sitting in one!

5. Tiny Diner Placemat

This has been an awesome {Kiddopatomus product} item to have when we go out to eat.  We can put her food down on this and don't have to worry about her chewing on the table or eating off the table!

6. Video Monitor
This is kind of like a cell phone, in that you wonder what people did before video monitors!!  I love being able to see what Reese is doing and if she is crying out because she is actually awake or just dreaming.

7. Zip up footie sleepers
These are not easy to find.  I'm not sure why.  So, when you find them, snatch them up!  Buttons are annoying, esp. when they get old enough to wiggle around.  Such a quick change just to zip right on up!

8.  Snack Catcher
Another great Munchkin product.  These are perfect for when they are able to feed themselves cheerios or puffs.  There is also a place on the bottom to write their name.  A must-have when in the car!

9. Musical table

Sorry this is so small!  We have the Fisher Price musical table and it is perfect when babies are practicing standing and pulling up.  The fact that it plays music is great for Reese!

10. Puffs

Seriously, I'm not sure what I would do without Puffs.  They are an amazing "learning to eat" food and help develop hand-to-mouth coordination.

11. Push toy
We have this Fisher Price walker and love it!  It does work better on carpet, esp. before babies can walk really well.  Of course, Reese loves the music on this little walker!

12.  Random things you already own.

Yes, it's fun to go out and buy bright, shiny new toys, but I'll be honest, some of the most entertaining moments come from objects such as these:

Solo cups

and these:

Also included {but not limited to}: coasters, keys, anything plastic, cell phones, remotes, containers, dishwashers, etc.

So.  In conclusion, don't think that you have to go spend a bunch of money to make your baby happy.  They will inevitably toss aside the $15 rattle and head straight to the nearest solo cup.

{Of course, she did enjoy the above-mentioned items, which we did spend money on.  So, that makes me feel a little better.}


11 months!!

Tomorrow, this little stinker will be 1 month away from a year old.

Let's let that sink in for a moment.

I know I have said this every month since about 6 months, but seriously.  1 year old??  My heart can't take it.

This was such a fun month and until the terrible 2{ish} age comes, I think each passing month will be more fun!  She has a very inquisitive personality and needs to taste and touch most anything.

{baby long-johns?  yes please.}

She can wave and clap and dance.  Oh the dancing.  When she hears ANY beat, whether it's on the radio or just someone clapping their hands, she starts moving.  If she's sitting, she just rocks back and forth.  If she's standing, she bounces her booty up and down.  

Word on the street is that a certain musical uncle was the same way when he was little.  Hmm, perhaps we have a future Beethoven on our hands??
The child also looooooves being outside and will pitch a fit when she has to come back inside.  To say that we are ready for warm weather would be an understatement!

Wishing the temps would stay above 50!!

Peanutty has been battling her first {EVER} runny nose this past week.  Seriously.  11 months with not a single runny nose.  I feel so blessed.  Considering she's never been sick before, I think she's handled herself pretty well.  I would love to say that since she's not been feeling well, she's been wanting extra cuddles, but unfortunately, she has not.  She's just not a cuddler.  I love the independent, free-spirited baby, but I wouldn't hate a little cuddle on the couch!!!


Do you see the snotty nose and sleepy eyes??
 But still smiling and getting into trouble.


 It was so nice today and I loooved being able to put Reesie in short sleeves!  Without pants!  Oh spring/summer, please come soon!!


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