His favorite things!

Jack has become very opinionated in his ripe ol' age of almost 22 months.  Oh toddlerhood...what a fickle time.

If left up to him, he would survive on the following 4 foods forever and ever:
1. scrambled eggs - he requests them morning, noon, and night.
2. fruit snacks - aka "foot nacks"

3. french fries - aka "frinfry" said as one long word.
4. blackberries - I really need to invest in a blackberry bush.  He inhales them.

His favorite forms of entertainment:
1. planes, trains, and automobiles - I think every single Christmas gift is in the transportation category.
2. Fireman Sam - have yall ever heard of him?  It's a British clay-mation show that, for some reason, has both of my kids obsessed.  Netflix has it and for that I am grateful.
3. iPad/iPhone - admittedly, we have created a monster who gets MOST unhappy when it is put away.  When he is in detox {it's serious folks}, and we mention he can have it, he yells "hipad {iPad} hoooooooooray!" and goes running to the back, where it's hidden.
4. Paci and Sassy - his always-present pacifier and beloved lovey.  He's never far from them.

If Jack were stranded on a desert island, I have no doubt he would enjoy his time as long as he had those 8 items.

I love this boy!


Sick boy

The past 2 weekends have looked like this:

The only good thing about an ear infection?

staying in jammies ALL DAY and snuggles...lots of snuggles!


Pumpkin Patch!

This past weekend, in between all of the puking, we went to the pumpkin patch!  Last year, Jack sat nicely in his stroller and it was a fun and relaxing time.  This year?  Not so much.  I mean, it was still fun, but it was def. not relaxing.  That's ok though!  That's just the stage of life we are in and I just have to prepare for it and make these memories with my babies!

This first picture cracks me up...this slide is serious business.  Last year, Reese FLEW out of it.  This year, Jack face-planted.  Of course he got right up and showed no signs of being traumatized.

I kind of love that we come to a pumpkin patch and there is all this fun stuff to do, and yet my kids want to swing on a swing they have at home.

This year, our sweet niece Coraline came with us and yall, I mean, she is just the cutest thing ever.
Oh man, she is sooo stinkin cute!!!

I love this pic of Jack and Aunt B or Beeeeeee as brother says!

Another fun thing is the Corn Crib!  Jack was not a fan at first, but once he found out he could throw it?  He was all about it!

Love this boy!

Sweet girl!

Seriously.  A tractor.  The boy was in heaven!

By the time we made it to the actual pumpkin patch, my camera started dying so I didn't get too many pictures.  Also, it was hot! Kids were whining! But, I did get a few good ones.

"Look mama, I jump soo high!"

Jack picking out his "punkpin"

I would have loved smiling faces, but tops of heads are better than nothing. 

Love this picture!  So carefree and happy!

We can't wait to go back next year!


Parenting badge

I earned one last night.

Know which one? Vomiting.

The kiddos were supposed to be spending the night with B's parents. We get a call about 7 saying Reese had gotten sick. She said she was all better so we decided to wait and see if anything else would happen....
Duh, it happened again. Right after she had her medicine. She still said she felt better but we decided to go get her. Thankfully my in-laws kept Jack because I was worried we might be up late. Ha. HAHAHAHA.

She was good until 12 when she got sick again. Then again at 1:30. And then every 15-30 mins until 4 AM. She was so pitiful and would say "mama I'm gonna throw up one more time" and then apologize after each time. Bless her heart!

Of course she was up and ready to go at 7:45 this morning. If you're doing the math I basically slept from 4:30-7:45. Yippee!

Luckily, she's been fine all day and even though she hasn't really been hungry today, she's back to normal. We had planned a trip to the pumpkin patch and Reese's MO tends to be "get sick when there are important plans/events" (strep at Christmas every year, seizure on vacation, etc) so I was happy we got to keep our plans. I will post on the pumpkin patch later.

Who would have thought she was running on about 5 hours of sleep?


It's that time....

I know, it's only October.  But, considering it takes me about a month to get a good picture with 2 children looking, smiling and just looking cute, I need to start early.

One place that always has the CUTEST cards is Tiny Prints.  They have adorable colors, fonts, picture layouts, etc.  Seriously, there is something for everyone.  My favorite are the Christmas Cards .

I love that there are so many options with different shapes and sizes for pictures. They have designs for newlyweds, newborns, and new puppies!

You can click HERE to see a list of coupon codes and promotions to help save some money on your cards.

Here a couple of cards I thought were cute from Tiny Prints!

I can't wait to decide which card I'm going to use!

**This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own!**


The fair!

One of my favorite things about fall is the fair!  It is even more fun with kiddos!  Especially a kiddo who loves to ride all the rides!  I wish I would have taken my big camera, but let's be honest it's so convenient to use my iPhone.

We actually went to 2 fairs...this picture is the only one I have from the Lee County Fair {which was pretty pitiful compared to Montgomery's fair} but my Reesie didn't know the difference and had a blast!

Obviously, I did a better job at documenting our time at the Mongtomery fair!
{I have to tell you, this roller coaster ride was HILARIOUS.  It was so jerky and Reese had that scared-excited look on her face when she went by the first couple of times.  We were crying.  Also?  The girl behind her {who hacked like she had whooping cough} was equally as scared-excited.  It was my favorite part of the night.}

Where is Jack, you ask?  Locked up in his cage stroller.  Once he got out at the Petting Zoo, that was the end of the stroller {and thus ending our fair experience ;)}
 {I mean.  MY BABY!!! He's so grown.  Notice he was locked in the stroller last year too...maybe next year, buddy!}

He had absolutely no fear of the animals in the Petting Zoo.
{oh sure, just eating out of his hands.  he tried to kiss a bull too.  YES, KISS A BULL.}
{I was there too!}

{He was pretty much being a pill at this point...glad you can't tell that!}
{Also, he has since had a haircut.}

My favorite part of the fair?


{late night} bookworm

When I leave the bathroom light on {"mama, when it's dark, I just can't think straight enough"} for her to go to sleep, she loves to sneak in there and read her books.  It's just so cute that I can't get onto her.

Plus, I would hate for her to not be thinking straight...enough.


Big Day

The night before your first day of K-3 I realized that the next day would be the beginning of it all.  Once we begin down the road of "school", it will become reality for the next 18 years. And you know what?  That makes me a little sad.  There will never be another time where you will just be home and not under the care of other people.  It also makes me happy and proud because if anyone can rock K-3, it's you!  You don't know strangers and everyone is your best friend.  I hope that you are always inclusive of people because there are people in this world who need to feel included.  I hope your eye is always drawn to those people.
I have to say, sometimes I'm a little jealous of your confidence and outgoing-ness.  It's like you walk around saying "ain't nobody gonna bring me down" and that is so refreshing!  I hope you know that I will always encourage you to walk the path you're on with confidence and integrity!  You have all the characteristics of someone who can be an outstanding leader one day and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you and in what capacity He uses you.
As you start K-3 I think the biggest realization is that you might {and unfortunately, probably will} get your feelings hurt or feel left out.  That makes my heart seize up because all I want to do is protect you.  But I also realize that these are the experiences that make you strong and sensitive to others feelings and so I pray that when those situations happen, you're ready to deal with them.
I can't wait to hear about school everyday and I fully expect to hear that Mrs. Hannah told you to be quiet in the hall, because I'm afraid I will NEVER get a report that you are just too quiet and shy.  That's just who you are and who I hope you will always be: extroverted, confident, and loud!

I love you, 

18 months!

This big boy is 18 months old!  Actually, he turned 18 months old at the end of August, but he is just now getting to the doctor for his check up, and I really just can't do these posts without weight and height.  I really must say that 18 months is my most favorite age.  The wow! wonder! excitement! is just so fun.  Everyday he does something different and I mean, he's totally adorable too:
 Eating his favorite snack: "pop tone"

My boy's vocabulary has really exploded these last few weeks and it is so fun to hear him say little words and phrases {even if those phrases are "no" or "move mommy" (wonder where he's heard that?)}

Some of his accomplishments:
he can recognize "yeyow" {yellow}, green, white, and blue
if you count to 4, he can say 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
of course, he is still all about cars, trucks, and trains ::: "biiiiiiiiiig tuck"
he calls Reese "sissy"
he points with his thumb, not his index finger
he appears to use both right and left hands the same.  he can feed himself with both hands and colors with both hands.
he can point to and say his hair, eyes, ears, belly, booty, hands, tongue, feet, toes, and I'm sure more.

I'd say he's more sensitive and clingy than Reese has EVER thought about being, which I must say, I kind of love {except for when I drop him off at church nursery...it's not so cute then.}
I can already tell that he has a big heart and loves to give "pat pats" {hugs} and lays his head on your shoulder and then pats your back.  MELT. MY. HEART.

He weighs 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall.  He's in the 50% percentile all around!
He wears size 4 diapers, 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes, and size 6 shoes {let's be honest, crocs are the ONLY shoes he will wear}.

He's not what I would call a picky eater, I just think he's too busy to eat.  Unlike Reese who wants 2 helpings of food, Jack will barely finish 1 serving.
His favorite foods are snack foods.  He could do with or without most other things.  As I was thinking about this list, there's nothing that really pops out as a food he loves.  He does love those applesauce/baby food pouches that he can eat himself.
He does love breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, oatmeal, waffles, sausage, bacon.  I would say that's his favorite meal.
He also likes noodles and soup.  
He could do without meat, veggies, or fruits {unfortunately}.

Jack looooooooooves his "paci" and "sassy" and everyday he says "sassy, are you?" and then finds her and hugs that little elephant so tight and says "aww sassy."  He loves sassy.
"aww sassy"

He also does not like ANYTHING on his hands and anytime he gets anything on his hands, he says "ewwww, mama"
playing in mud, but did not like it on his hands

The boy loves to go on "big walks" with his sissy and if he's ever fussy, that's the easiest way to calm him down.
I'd say he's become more aware of Reese taking things from him and he's actually starting to object {imagine that!}  I'm afraid he's already learned the phrase "mine!"
He does like to know where Sissy is and make sure she's ok.  Sweet brother.

I'm totally in love with his blonde hair and blue eyes and he is TRULY going to be a heartbreaker one day....esp. developing skills like this one:
blonde haired, blue eyed boy with looooong eye lashes who loves to vacuum...I'm taking daughter-in-law applications now.
{actually no, because he can never get married.}
{just kidding.  kind of}

He's def. too pretty to be a boy.  I hear that often.
Husband, T, and Paw, please look away from the following picture:
that reminds me: the boy is OBSESSED with necklaces or "pretties".

I really just wanna stare at him and kiss his face all day.
Love him!