Be prepared...

To die with the cuteness!

This has been a week full of mud puddles, huge bubble baths, playing with cousins, eating blueberry pancakes, jumping on beds, feeding ducks, and taking long naps!


It is wild over here, folks.

Spring Break 2012, baby!


Photo-A-Day: week 2

Day 8: WINDOW: the sliver of a window I can see from my desk
Day 9: RED: Jack-Jack's tiny red bowl and squishy hand
Day 10: LOUD: my girl.  always.
Day 11: SOMEONE YOU TALKED TO: the hubs.
Day 12: FORK: pretty self-explanatory
Day 13: A SIGN: ah Publix, my 2nd home
Day 14: CLOUDS: a few

I'm loving these challenges, although this last week was kind of a literal assignment.  Hopefully there are more fun ones this week!


Let's talk about the boy!

I haven't done a detailed post about our boy in a while, so I thought I would share some things about him at age 1 {OMG}.

He weighs 23 pounds and is 30 inches long {50th percentile for both}.  He wears a size 4 diaper and 12-18 month clothes.  He has 6 teeth.  4 up top and 2 on bottom.  He had his first ear infection at his 1 year check up.  He's been taking steps for about 1.5 months now, but I would officially call him a walker.  He can now stand up on his own {without using a table to pull himself up} and start walking.  That just happened literally yesterday, and he's been a beast about it ever since.

I haven't found anything he won't eat.  He's fully on table food, although he will eat the little pouches if I need him to eat something convenient.  He's doing great with milk and with a sippy cup.  He still takes a bottle to go to sleep at night, but that's it for the bottle.  He still loves his paci to sleep, too.

Favorite foods:
cheese, turkey, hotdogs, any fruit and any veggie, cheerios, pasta, chicken, beef, SOUP {he loves soup}, bread, literally ANYTHING.
 {that would be chicken spaghetti in his hair.}

walking, clapping, waving, screeching, yelling when you don't feed him fast enough, throwing his cup, BALLS, CARS, anything with wheels, reading books, pushing things, stacking blocks, sleeping {he really never fights sleep}, ELECTRONICS, looking at pictures, riding in the stroller, pulling his sister's hair, crawling and getting stuck under tables and chairs, going through tunnels, climbing on top of very high things, playing fetch {haha}, BEING OUTSIDE, swinging, feeding himself, BATH TIME {especially splashing}.

 {taking a rare break from splashing like a mad man.}

{just a boy, working on his car.}

Does not love:
waiting on anything, getting his diaper changed {oh dear lord}, being put down, when he can't figure something out, when something he's pushing won't move anymore, wearing shoes, being contained in any way, being quiet.

 {horsey stopped playing music.  NOT HAPPY.}

Words he can say:
bye-bye, nigh-nigh, no-no, Hey T, ball

 {eek!  look at that little tongue!}

He's a TOTAL boy.  It's so fascinating to me how he just gravitates towards cars and balls and things that move.  He's loud and messy and cannot be slowed down.  He can't resist a remote control, cell phone, or a computer mouse.  He's pretty darn irresistible with his blue eyes, dimples and blond hair.

{i am literally DYING at his tiny face.}

I love having a boy!


Photo-A-Day: week 1

Now that I have my beloved iPhone {squeeeeeee!} I am slightly obsessed with Instagram.  I have seen these "photo-a-day" challenges on different sites, so I decided to join in for March.  A new picture for each day!

Day 1: UP: looking up at the sky
Day 2: FRUIT: the fruits of the spirit
Day 3: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: the view from my front door
Day 4: BEDSIDE: no alarm clock necessary!
Day 5: SMILE: 2 of my favs.
Day 6: 5 PM: at gymnastics with my girl
Day 7: SOMETHING YOU WORE: inside my makeup bag