In Jack's world

Your vocabulary contains these 
"doo-doo" {choo-choo}
Vroom vroom
Brrrm brrrm {yes there's a difference; here's the brrrm brrrm face}:

You would be UTTERLY obsessed with this book {the vroom-vroom book}:
And Rattle-Rattle:

We must read "the vroom vroom" book 553 times a day:
I swear I read the Rattle-Rattle book 72 times in an hour:
 {eeeeeep!  that face.}

On occasion, we have to be holding both books at the same time:

The trifecta: ball, car, book about car! {what's the word for 4-fecta? There's a piano, which means noise, which means Jack's life is complete.}

These two have started interacting a lot more and that makes my mama heart happy!
 fighting over who gets to flip off the chair...

"helping" brother do patty-cake!


iPhone photo dump

I'm too exhausted to actually write what we've been up to, so photos with some commentary will have to do!  It's crazy at the end of the school year and I'm more than ready for summer!!

We've spent a lot of time outside and I'm pretty sure that's where you'll find us in the coming months!

I took my girl on a fro-yo/sherbert date!

This face cracks me up!

So does this one.

I want to squeeeeeeeeeze this boy!

 Bubble bath fun

Meet Detective Reese.  She's "wooking for someting bery dangerous."

At "touch-a-truck" on Saturday.  My kiddos were in heaven with all the truck horns, sirens, and play things!

My BIG girl reading to Dora in the big girl bed!!

Happy boy.