Just Because...

I haven't posted recent pics of my little P in a while...

I mean.  When did she turn 10?

Things go south quickly when we can't have anymore "prite" {sprite}

Don't be fooled.  There are no tears.

Literally .05 seconds after the "breakdown", we are happily singing our ABC's.

A rare Mommy and Reese pic.  Of course she's not cooperating.

She's telling me to "sit right dere and don't move!"

She loves riding her school bus!

Sweet baby.

I love this picture.

And this girl.


Woe is me.

I'm remembering now why the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is MISERABLE. 

I mean, sure, you have a squishy and adorable newborn waiting on you at the end of all this...but still.

I can't even enjoy grocery shopping anymore {the shame!!!}

I can't make it down 2 aisles without having to pee or feeling like the bowling ball sitting on my pelvis might fall out at any given moment. 

Then, I get home and my back feels numb it hurts so bad, my ankles are swollen, and then my calves are feeling all tingly. 

{This blog is fabulous birth control! :)}

Then I have a 21-month-old who has suddenly decided to go through separation anxiety {yay!} so she wants to be held or be in my presence the majority of the evening. 

Then, mommy guilt sets in and seeing as how I only have 5 more weeks of only her, I should be soaking all those moments up when she DOES want only me, because I know that will not always be so.


Being a mommy {to an inside and outside baby} is hard work!

OK.  Rant over.  Can't guarantee there won't be anymore complaints on future blogs, but for now...I feel better already!


Sleeping Beauty?

 {could you die of the tiny-ness?  those, my friends, are preemie clothes.}

Ahh, the days of 12-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Something has happened in the last few months to my precious, I-love-sleeping child.

{through the night.}

For the past few months, she has woken up at random times throughout the night crying and needing comfort.  It doesn't happen every week, but recently it has become much more frequent.

I, of course, consulted Dr. Google {he's always right ya know} and came up with this conclusion:


 {surely doesn't look like someone with night terrors.  also.  the belly button?  holy cow!}

Sounds frightening, no?

I seriously believe that's what this is.  There are a lot of factors I believe contributing to this.  Now that I have thought about it, all this seemed to coincide with it getting cold outside. 

Stay with me.

When it's cold outside, we don't get to run around outside and burn energy.  Therefore, we don't take long {or any} naps during the day.  Therefore, we go to bed exhausted.  According to Dr. Google, being overly-tired can cause these night terrors.

When she cries during the night, she's like really sobbing.  When I go in there, she's still curled up in a little ball and immediately stops crying and reassuring me "I's fine."  Confusing, right?

In conclusion, COME ON SPRING.

I should mention that I have come up with some other possibilities to explain this behavior:
1. She just likes to be cuddled in the middle of the night.
2. She is preparing me for being up all night with a newborn.

Either way, I know she needs sleep {esp. when she doesn't nap during the day}so I'm ready for her to grow out of this stage {Dr. Google assures me this is just a stage}.


On a completely different note, I need a new blog name.  Reese's Pieces has to have a way to incorporate Jack! 




So, it's been a while since I posted.  A lot has happened and not a lot has happened, ya know?

First things first: 

This little munchkin is speaking like a mad woman.  It's a little alarming that I can carry on a full blown conversation with a child who is not even 2.  What will life be like 10 years from now?  Lord help me.

Me: Reese, you want to read a book?
Reese: No mommy, I ride bicycle.

Me: What do you want for dinner?
Reese: How bout 'roni and cheese?
Me: We don't have any macaroni.
Reese: Ok.  Chicken and rice pweeeeease.

Me: Good morning Reese.
Reese: Hey Mommy.  How doin?
Mommy: I'm fine, how are you doing?
Reese: Reese good.

Me: Did you have fun today?
Reese: Reese play Emma
Me: What did you and Emma do?
Reese: Color
Do you see what I mean?  Absurd.

I will say, she has a tendency to have the MY WORLD IS ENDING BECAUSE I CAN'T GET WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!!! attitude right now.  I can't help but laugh at the drama that surrounds being 21 months. 

She says all kinds of really adorable things right now, most of which I can't think of, but here are a few:
"I hear funder"  ::  anytime something loud happens outside.
"I's alright"  ::  whenever she's hurt and someone kisses it to make it better.
"No whining/crying"  ::  usually she says this while she actually is crying or whining, which kind of defeats the purpose.
She calls a monkey "bunkey" and a lizard "wizdard".  Tonight she saw the Geico commercial and said "I see wizdard on TB"
When she's looking for someone or something, she says "Babs, where are yoooooooooooooooooou?" or "book, where are yoooooooooooou?"
She has become a lot more affectionate.  She likes to give "biiiiiiig hugs" and "tisses"
She loves to talk on the phone, but not if there really is someone on the phone.  She gets stage fright.  Normally, she picks up my phone and says "Reese talk Noah on phone."  She almost always talks to Noah or Scott or her Daddy.
For some reason, when I talk to my mom on the phone and put it to Reese's ear, she thinks it's my Aunt Susan.  No idea why, although I'm sure Susan loves to hear that :)
She has a great photographic memory.  She knows who almost all her extended family is, including MY aunts and uncles.  She points everyone's picture out.  She also knows exactly where certain things are in a book that she likes.
She knows the words to a lot of songs now: "Twinkle twinkle", "Jesus loves me", "My God is so big", "Jingle Bells", "Rock a bye Baby", "B-I-N-G-O", "The Wheels on the Bus"...I'm sure there are others.

I know this age has it's frustrations, but it's also filled with so many laughs and lots of joy!!!

Speaking of JOY, look who's sweet little face I saw today! 

Isn't modern medicine amazing?  I have another pic where you can see hair on his little {BIG} head!  I saw him yawn and have the hiccups and smack his cute little lips!

He's measuring right on track at 4 lbs. 5 ozs.  We are still set to deliver by 39 weeks.
That's only 5-6 more weeks!!!!!


Snow Day!

Old news now...but it snowed for Christmas!!!  Since we were battling sickness, we didn't play too much, but I couldn't resist this cuuuuuute video of my Peanutty "catching" the snow! 

I love this little girl so much!


31 weeks!


Ummmm...what?  31 weeks?  Not possible.  Also, Reese? 21 months? 

:::Deep breath:::

My mind has a hard time wrapping around the fact that there will soon be a new being in this world.  One that I helped create and have hibernated these past months.  A new little person who will smell heavenly {most of the time} and make adorable noises and have tiny toes and impossible-to-cut fingernails.

Even though my mind is not comprehending...my body?  For sure.
31 weeks can be, well, kind of miserable.
Not sleeping.  Heartburn.  121 trips to the bathroom.  Hot flashes.  Uncomfortable-ness in some pretty uncomfortable places.  Waddling.

 Did you read #1 on that list?  Not sleeping?  Well, fortunately, all the other items on that list will disappear after baby Jack has arrived.  But that #1 item?  Hahaha.  That one's here to stay.

I'm not saying it's not worth it and that I'm not blessed to go through all of this, but it's still not fun.

I remember all of these symptoms with Reese but it wasn't until I had like 2 weeks to go.  I now have 2 months to go.  It will might be a long 2 months. 

Today, I found out why.  My son's head which measures 
2 weeks bigger than everything else is LLLOOOOWWW.  Like, sitting right on my bladder and pelvis low.  His butt is nestled right by my ribs.  Which means, his feet?  They're free to kick everywhere.  Which, they do.

He was face down the whole time, so no cute profile pics.  The pics I did get are not blog-appropriate but let's just say that we are 10000% GO on the whole "It's a boy!" thing.

The appointment was pretty uneventful {YAY!}  Blood pressure was good.  Up 1 whole pound {don't hate}.

Little man was estimated to be 3 lbs. 11 oz.  That's 1 pound less than what Reese weighed at birth!

 Did I mention there's still 2 months to go?

Just because he's cute and I miss his squishy cheeks:

Just letting you know Reese called you on her phone tonight.
She's really missing you {and Scott and CatCat}
She said "Reese talkin Noah."
I asked her what you said.
Her response: "WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH."

 When you return, we're really gonna have to work on showing Reese that you can make other noises besides {apparently} wailing.