The boy loves drama {volume 2}

So.  Not to be outshadowed by his I-don't-wanna-grow-in-the-womb sister, Jacky boy has really turned up the drama queen king stunts these past few weeks.  We all remember last week when blood pressure = pre-term labor in the hospital. 

Well on Wednesday, I had my weekly appointment to have the non-stress test and ultrasound.  During the non-stress test, they put monitors on the baby's heartbeat and I'm supposed to click this button everytime I feel him kick and they look for heart rate accelerations and decelerations.  So, I get hooked up and after 20 minutes, he has not moved.  His heart rate remained even with no accelerations or decelerations.  Normally, he is moving all over the place and his heart rate is going up and down.  Lovely.  So, the nurse decides to do "accoustic stimulation" where she took a tiny pot and a spoon and starting banging it right on my stomach to try and wake him up.  That didn't do the trick either.  Great.  So, doc comes in and guess where we head?  Labor and delivery.  YAY!

Brandon was with me for the appointment and can I just say patience while waiting is NOT one of his strong suits, so imagine how fun this whole process was. :)  All kidding aside, I was glad to have him there and he was a great encourager throughout the whole thing. 

Anyways, we get to L & D and they do what's called a biophysical profile.  They basically do an ultrasound and check for 4 different things.  Each subcategory gets a score and then all those numbers are added together and make a final grade.  Of course, Jack starts moving and and passed the "test" with an 8/8.  Apparently he doesn't like to perform under pressure.

So, doctor G comes in and says he looks great and we will let him cook a little bit longer.  He decided to induce next Friday night {Feb. 25th}, so it looks like our little boy will be making his debut on February 26th!  We will go in Friday night and start the process.  Saturday morning, we will start pitocin and hopefully after a smooth, epidural-laced delivery, a healthy, squishy Jack Ellis will make his appearance!!

P.S. I'm sorry my past few posts haven't had any pictures...I've temporarily misplaced my camera charger, which I'm only slightly freaking out about with the impending arrival of little brother.


10 things I learned yesterday...

10.  I should probably go ahead and pack my hospital bag.
9.  I might need to get the car seat installed soon.
8.  My legs should be shaved at all times.
7.  The Lord knew what he was doing when I was prompted to get a pedicure this past weekend.
6.  I'm so very thankful to work with my mom.
5.  I love having a laid back doctor.
4.  Jackson Hospital makes pregnant women walk a very long way to labor and delivery.
3.  I will cause my husband bodily harm if his phone is not attached to him for the duration of this pregnancy.
2.  The shot they gave me to stop contractions might as well have been a strong dose of Vicodin. 

And the number 1 thing I learned:  Jack would like more time in the oven.   


So yesterday was an exciting day.
Started feeling funny around lunch time.  BP was checked and it was around 160/105 for about 30-45 mins.
Called my doc who asked me just to come in and get it checked.  It was 158/98 when I got there.
Doc decides to send me to Jackson to get monitored "just for an hour or so...no big deal." {His words}
Check in after walking through the maze at Jackson.
BP there was 128/74.  WELL SURE IT IS.
Oh hey, what was that?  Oh, just a small contraction.

30 mins later.....

Cue the mountainous hills of contractions EVERY 2 minutes.
 Also.  Cue the blood pressure at 176/99.
I go from freezing to hot and back to freezing a couple of times.
Nurse calls doctor who orders a shot of Terbutaline, which stops contractions.
She says it might make me jittery.
My heart feels like it's racing.
My mind and mouth cannot form words.
I cannot keep my eyes open.
I'm shivering like crazy.

Contractions stop.  BP comes down.  Doc comes to say hey.  We get to come home!

I pass out at 8:00 last night.
I came home and passed out at 1:30 today.
That Terbutaline is some strong stuff.
Or maybe it was body suddenly having 80 contractions in a row. {that's just a dramatic estimate}

Luckily, just a few small contractions today, which I'm predicting will be the norm from here on out.

And who says girls cause all the drama?


Will the real Reese Dismukes please stand up?

What do HIM:

and HER:

have in common??

They have the same name!

Ok.  So, there might be a height/weight difference and a slight age difference, but other than that...they're practically twinsies right??
Reese Dismukes, a senior from Spanish Fort has committed to Auburn next year!!  He actually committed last year as a junior, but it's now official.  ESPN has him ranked as the #1 center IN THE NATION.
Yall, that means he's good.

Know what else that means?

I predict we'll be hearing his name a lot.

So.  Obviously, I must find and collect all the "Reese Dismukes" equipment I can find.

Jerseys, t-shirts, buttons, etc.  All mine.
A picture is certainly a must.  Maybe I should find him on Facebook and start stalking him now.