Just Pictures! (and a video...or 2!)

Here are some pics that are from the past few weeks! Notice how big she is in the monthly bunny pic!! Enjoy!
Reese loves taking (closely monitored) naps on her tummy!

Giving me the evil eye!

I will be sad when she isn't small enough to do this!

She loves staring at Princess Piggy while falling asleep!

Tummy time!

I'm pretty sure she was staring at herself in the mirror!

Again with the mirror!

The first video is one I took a few weeks ago during tummy time! Such a strong girl!
The next one is kinda long and the lighting is dark, but you'll get a very happy surprise if you watch it until the very end!
**Please excuse my annoying voice in both of these videos and focus on the cuteness!



**Public Service Announcement: if you don't like images of bodily functions, please don't continue reading. You have been warned.**

So, it started out like a normal Wednesday night. Brandon was hanging out with friends, Kris won American Idol (!!!!!!), I had just gotten done talking to Babs (who is at the beach {jealous!}), Lauren had just left, and I was feeding Reese. Normally, in the middle of eating, the girl takes care of...ahem...business (catch my drift?) This feeding was no different.

I picked her up.

Oh dear. Oh goodness. Things got scary fast.

Yall, I'm talkin this stuff was almost up to the poor child's ears (no lie). AND I am alone! WHAT?!!? I called Brandon and told him there had been an explosion and his presence was needed ASAP! THEN, while I'm holding her practically upside down (luckily she had just eaten and was happy, or things could have been baaaaaaaaaad) she spits up all down my leg and on my flip flops. Have yall ever had spit up between your toes? I wish it on NO ONE!

Daddy comes to the rescue, and let's just say, the Gerber onesie met it's final match. See below:

Unfortunately, the onesie was not the only victim of tonight's events. The innocent Boppy fell victim as well. See below:

I bet yall think I'm lying about this story--totally not!

So, onesie is cut/ripped off. {Yes, cut AND ripped. Look closely at the pic!} Naked baby is being placed on changing table while bathtub is prepared. Mommy feels feet getting wet again. BUT, no spit up this time. Nope--PEE!!! Yes, as she is about to get in the bathtub, she pees all over me and then I held her over the changing table. See below:

Ahh, a day in the life of a mommy of a 6 WEEK OLD!!! That seems impossible. Never boring!

Also, one more thing. Please look at these onesies. Guess what? They are all the same size! Yes, they all claim to be Newborn. The one on the left is fat, the one in the middle is long, and the one on the right fits just perfectly! But seriously, how can they all claim to be the same size? Crazy!


For Posterity

This post is mostly for me so I can look back and remember details of this stage of life. By the way, on almost ALL our home videos from when we were kids, my dad says something about posterity...I now know what he meant!

Today was Reese's 1 month check up (even though she will be 5 weeks tomorrow!) Everything was great! Let's look back at her stats from birth:
Weight: 4 lb. 14 oz
Length: 18 inches
Head: 12 1/4 inches

Stats from today's check:
Weight: 7 lb. 2 oz (!!)
Length: 19 1/2 inches
Head: 13 1/2 inches

All of those measurements put her in the.....drumroll....3rd percentile!! Haha!! That means 97% of all babies are bigger then her at this age. But, that's ok...I'm perfectly happy with the little peanut! Also, the doctor's growth chart doesn't start until the 5th percentile, so we had to go old school and pull out the paper charts! The doctor did comment about how funny it is that all of her measurements were exactly in the 3rd percentile. Most babies are usually in the 50th for weight and like the 75th for length. At least she is symmetrical and consistent!
Sometimes, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she is so small. To me it seems normal, but then I remember that I was 7 lb. 14 oz. at BIRTH! Here she is at 5 weeks old and just now 7 lbs! Crazy!

Let's discuss the likes and dislikes at 1 month!
--The car seat, riding in the car, sitting in the car...anything involving the car!
--Being held.
--THE red curtain. Oh yes. Many hours of entertainment with said red curtain.
--Sleeping on someone's shoulder. The best sleep is done in this position.
--Movement in general, whether it's rocking, swinging, etc.
--Eating! (as evidenced by her weight gain!)
--Getting out of the house. Seriously, we've taken her quite a few places and she is so good!
--Deep voices: her daddy can put her to sleep just by talking to her!
--The 'preemie' Nuk pacie! Seriously, this pacie is the best! (Thanks Becky!)
--Putting her hands in her eyeballs. Yea. What fun.
--Bath time (but not at Babs' house for some reason)
--Fruity flavored gum or candy. No, we are not feeding her this, but if we eat it and then blow in her face, she sticks her tongue out and "swallows" the air! So cute!
--Mirrors. Her reflection stops her dead in her tracks. And she's so darn cute, why shouldn't it?
--Ellie the elephant. The little elephant laughs when you pull a cord and she loves it!
--Having her head rubbed. Instant soother.
--Having her nose sunctioned. She loves it! Is this weird?

I'm sure there are more things, but this is what I came up with. Now for the fun part!

--Being put down (unless she is really, really tired, she prefers to be held)
--Being changed (expect for at her Nanna and Grandpaw's house. Who knows why.)
--Being naked for ANY length of time (unless she's in the tub. Unless that tub is at Babs and T's house. Again, who knows why.)
--Gas drops. She pukes everytime. Sometimes in my mouth. Lovely.
--Her bouncy seat. I'm hoping she will grow to love this. I think she is just still too small.
--Having her arms swaddled. It helps her sleep much better, but she fights it.
--Having her eyes messed with. But come on, I can't let that gunk build up!
--When the red curtain gets pulled back. Seriously, she gets a mean look on her face.
--When the pacie falls out. Why has no one invented something that would prevent this from happening. It would be a HUGE seller. I'm going to draw up some sketches.
--Country music. Everytime a country song comes on, she starts whining. I'm pretty sure her father is somehow responsible for this.
--Being burped. Although, I would get upset if someone interrupted me everytime I ate more then 2 or 3 bites of food.

This post has taken me like an hour to type because someone has been propped up on my left shoulder.

Since yall sat through that forever long post, here's the star of the show!

Chompin on daddy's hand! (Check out the belly and belly button!)

Passed out on the Boppy!

Haha--I love this pic!

Swingin away!

Seriously, while typing this blog I am feeding the baby, eating dinner, and watching LOST!! Talk about multitasking!


1 month!

I promise to post more than once a week, but my computer has been out of commission, and I just got my hands on a replacement today (thanks Scott and Cat!) It's been a while since I posted and a lot has happened in that week!

In no particular order:

--Reese had newborn pics taken (GORGEOUS!)
--Finally, we are into a few newborn outfits...depends on the brand.
--She has been smiling a lot more. Aunt Cat even got a quick grin today! (p.s. I'm pretty sure they aren't intentional, but cute anyways!)
--I celebrated my first mother's day!

Of course, I will do my best to highlight these in a post themselves, but I don't have my camera stuff on this comp.

Seeing as how I have a 1+ month old, and I now consider myself an expert (HA!) I would like to share some products we couldn't live without.

1. The Boppy:

I am sure most new moms and pregnant ladies have heard of these, but seriously, this is amazing! I use it for feeding, napping (right in front of me, not alone), propping up, tummy time, etc. The possibilities are endless! Even grandparents will find these useful. (Babs can testify.)

2. Car seat/stroller combo:

Can't find a pic of this, but the technical term is "travel system." Reese is a HUGE fan of her carseat--in fact, I'm pretty sure it's her fav. place to be (besides someone's arms!) The base installs in the car and the seat just snaps right in. The seat also snaps right into the stroller! It's so easy and convenient!

3. Cloth diapers (for burp cloths):

Seriously, I think I have spent the last month with one of these on my shoulders! My fav. of course are the monogrammed ones! (Thanks Aunt Lolli!) They are useful for spit-up, cleaning up while feeding, wiping her eyes, and just general clean up! I think I have about 10 of these and they are so useful!

4. Portable changing thingy:

Haha, I'm not sure the techincal term, but it is a portable changing thingy! At first, I wasn't sure I would use this since I have a diaper bag, but I use this everytime I leave the house and Reese has to be changed! It has a spot for the diapers, case for the wipes, and pad to lay on any surface! It all comes in this cute little package that has a clip that can go on the stroller. It is really convenient. One complaint, it's not very soft and during some recent public changings, a santa hat had to be put under her head so it wasn't so hard!

5. Bottle brush and drying rack:

Alright, so these may seem like random, boring products, but both are used multiple times a day. Since Reese isn't the best nurser (although improving), we use bottles for most feedings. The bottle brush I have has a sponge part on the end of the brush, and it is the best at cleaning out bottles. The drying rack is so I don't have to use my (very) limited counter space for bottles.

Now, of course there are many more things that are used on a daily basis, but these are the main ones that came to my mind. Anyone have any other fav. items?

So, I promise my next post will be more personal and will (of course) feature pics of the peanut (AND a video of her ROLLING OVER...i.am.not.lying.)


3 weeks!

Yesterday, my baby turned 3 weeks old! Where is the time going? Oh I know where it's going--washing bottles, feeding, burping, changing diapers, attempting to sleep, etc. Oh yes, that is what I have been spending time doing. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything!

We did have to take Reese to her first "sick" baby appointment. Her eyes were matted together and even though I did research and diagnosed her with having blocked tear ducts (yes I am turning into my mother...) I decided to take her in anyways. I was right (score one for me!) and we are supposed to massage the inner corners of her eyes until it gets unblocked. It still hasn't gotten much better yet, but she's getting eye massages all the time!

This week was also an exciting week in Reese's life. She is an old pro at going out on the town and going on road trips! This week, we spent 2 nights at Babs and T's house! T wasn't there the 1st night, so we decided to stay a 2nd night so Reese could spend time with her T! Babs and I took Reese shopping (yes we braved the swine flu!) and she did great! A girl after her mom's heart!

Also, we have graduated into newborn diapers! Yeah! They are still a little big, but the preemies are tight on her tummy! I can't wait to start playing dress up with her newborn clothes...I'm growing tired of the same 5 preemie onesies!

Tomorrow is an exciting day....we are taking newborn pics! OF COURSE, there will be an update with pics of that!

Ok, ok, enough typing, let's get to the good stuff---pics!

Apparently, Reese is very fond of the way she looks! She has been fascinated with mirrors recently. Babs has a play mat that had a mirror on it and Reese loved looking in it! In fact, it would stop her in her tracks!

Check out the cheeks that are FINALLY getting chubby!

Here she is waving to the camera!

We also took the weekly rabbit pic...she is wearing a headband thing that is a tad too big and I'm afraid she wasn't feeling the pics this week....she better be on her best behavior for next week's 1 month pics!