Foxy came to play!

Regan and Knox came to play and the kiddos actually interacted with each other!

I mean, how precious! It's almost a hug!
Also, please look at Knox's perfect little hair swirl!

Dude, help me up here!

Why, hello Lee Jr.

Such concentration!

Babs with both babies!

P.S. Click on this pic and look at their chubby little hands!

Is this not the cutest picture!?


Four Christmases!!!

We had a great weekend celebrating Reese's 1st Christmas!! We went to 4 houses for Christmas this year and we are definitely very blessed!! I will do a photo recap of each one...

1. Nana and Grandpaw's house:

2. Babs and T's house:

3. Granny and Papa's house:

4. Grunt's house:


A post full of pictures!

No time {or energy} to type anything, so enjoy the pics!!

**Notice the teeth, the standing, and the BFF {Scooter}**


Santa Baby!

I've been good all year!!


Word to the wise...

If you accidentally buy Turtle brownie mix instead of Fudgy brownie mix, it will take you 30-45 minutes to "strain" the nuts from the brownie mix using your colander.

Not that I would know.


And, just because I can
{because SHE can},

I present, "The Crawler."

So we can call it official, right?


These are a few of my favorite things...

** Peanut Edition **

So, since I am the ripe ol' age of 7 {almost 8} months, I have quite a few things that I really, really love. I have just discovered most of these things over the past few weeks and MAN, I have really been missing out!

1. Vents. They are on the ground and I love to scrape my fingers over them. I always find my way over to the vents.

2. Itty bitty, tiny pieces of....anything. I can find lint, plastic wrappers, the tiniest speck of dirt. Of course, I am not allowed to have any of it {which does NOT make me happy}, but I think of it as helping mommy and daddy keep the floor clean!

3. Screaming/screeching. Oh have I found my voice this month. Why doesn't everyone else in the world know that they are supposed to be looking at me all the time? I make sure they notice me one way or another.

4. Spitting/Raspberries. See item above. If screaming doesn't work, I blow raspberries until I think I might burst a blood vessel.

5. Tags. I kind of think it's funny that people spend money on buying me things and all I care about is the tag on the toy! Can yall guess what Christmas will be like??

6. Saying "boowboowboow". This rhymes with cow. I say it all the time.

7. Reaching out to grab everything. As evidenced below:

8. Eating....everything. As evidenced below:

9. My 2 bottom teeth!!

10. Being sooo much fun! Mommy says this is her favorite month ever. "Crawling", pulling up, and every other active thing I can do! My plan is to keep them as busy as possible for these next few months!

I hope yall enjoyed my first post...I'm sure I'll be back soon!


One more...

Yes, it's true....there's tooth #2!!!

This actually came up 2 days after the first one did. At first it looked like 4 teeth {and it still kinda does}, but I'm pretty sure there's only 2!

This weekend, Reese was definitely more fussy than normal, but since both teeth are growing more and more each day, she's back to her normal chipper self!

Also, I'm a bad mom and took NO pictures of my child's first Thanksgiving!

I might just put her back in her cute outfits {yes, she had a wardrobe change} and take some pics!