Safe to say he loves it.


Oh Y'all...


One year ago, I was in labor all day and didn't even know it.

One year ago, I was taking a day off from work to spend my day with my girl.

One year ago, I was so worried about ruining her life.

One year ago, I was not sure how I would fit more love in my heart.

One year ago, I decided Papa John's would be my "last meal".

One year ago, I went into labor naturally on the day I was to be induced.

One year ago, I made a great decision to get an epidural. :)

One year ago, I was so sure his birthday would be on the 25th.

One year ago, I pushed for 5 minutes and gave birth to a 6 lb 9 oz boy.

One year ago, I didn't even have to make room in my heart for him, he created his own space.

One year ago, I made her a big sister; a role she is fantastic in.

One year ago, a baby boy entered the world and changed my life.

Happy first birthday, Baby Jack!


Walk like an Egyptian!

or Frankenstein...

He's been walking about a month {well, he took his first steps about a month ago} but he's really picked it up these last few weeks!  So crazy that he's not even a year old and walking!  Reese was so late walking and so he looks so little to be walking!


From my lovebugs!

Reese and