Scrub-A-Dub-Dub...Reese in the tub!!

So, baby girl had her first experience in an actual bathtub and the results are in...Reese takes after her daddy! She LOVED it! She cried when we took her out. Of course, this major event in her life was well documented...including a video (which I just learned how to add.)

Please note...directly after getting out of the bathtub, she pooped all in the towel and had to be bathed again. I'm pretty sure that was intentional and she knew that would get her another dip in the warm water!

Also, we went to visit Nanna and Pawpaw's house today (Brandon's parents) and I took some cute pics of her in her bouncy seat.

She is such a sweet baby and I pray that she stays that way! Brandon and I feel so blessed and it is still crazy that she is actually here!

Babs...what day should we come visit this week?
Lolli...what day should we come visit this week?


A week of firsts!

*Warning...lots of pics!

Reese was a world traveler this week...full of "firsts" in her little life...

--First time weighing over 5 pounds!!!
--First road trip/overnight trip to Babs and T's house!!
--First trip to Babs' work and my work!
--First bath without the umbilical cord (actually that's happening tonight)

Also, we spent some time taking some pics in her new bubble suit (thanks Babs!) Here are a few of my favs:

Also, we took our weekly rabbit pic! Each week, (or probably month, once we hit 1 month) we take a pic of Reese next to her bunny just to see how much she has grown! Enjoy the latest pic:

We will be back with more updates later!


Ok, so I caved.

I've been a blog "stalker" for a few months now, but I figured with a new baby (!!!) it was time to start my own blog. Also, there are quite a few of Reese's admirers who are near and far and have a strong need to see this baby on a daily basis!

Who am I to deprive them of this precious face:

You don't mess with people's need to see a newborn! Especially if that newborn is your grandchild, niece, etc...

Now that Reese has surpassed 5 pounds (yay!) preemie clothes and diapers are starting to fit better. Losing the umbilical cord helps as well. Thank goodness that fell off...that was very annoying! Her first dunk in the tub will be taking place within the next day or two and will (of course) be captured on film!!

Also, check back soon for the weekly "rabbit" shot. Here is last week's pic:

That's all for now...future posts will be much more exciting...especially when I figure out how this whole blogger thing works!!