A cry for help.

Even though mom made me wear a dress, I don't mind taking some shots with the big sis...I mean, we are pretty cute.

See that picture above? So innocent and sweet?  What you can't see is that she's going in for the kill.

Yes sissy, I have a nose.  And I'd like to keep it.

Oh things are getting bad. 
I might look like I'm not bothered, but on the inside I'm screaming, "FINGERS! There are fingers up my nose!"

Surely someone will save me {and my nose}.

Um guys, HELP.  

Or just continue to take pictures.


2 years ago...

I looked down at this little 4 pound 14 ounce face and my life was changed forever.

It seems like forever ago and yet it seems like yesterday.  I try really hard, but I just can't remember life before her.

Every smile is bigger and every day is brighter because of her.

If we could bottle up the joy, happiness, compassion, and enthusiasm for life that this child possesses, the world would be a better place.

Sure, I lived a more carefree, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of lifestyle before she was here, but think of all the bath times and story times and "mama hold you" times I would have missed.

She made me a mommy.  She made me realize just how amazing it is to see a piece of my heart literally walking around on 2 legs. 

She's definitely opinionated and the phrase "I can do it allllllllllllllllllll by myself" is uttered as often as she blinks {so it seems ;)}.  She knows what she likes and she knows what she doesn't like.  And you know what?  Good for her!

I pray she is not easily influenced by what the world views as right or necessary.  I hope she carries her strong will with her throughout life.  I pray that she is a strong leader among her friends, leading them in the path of Godliness and holiness.  And I pray she does all these things with humility and grace and a sense of humor.

I know she will not always want to sit in my "wap" or greet me with "so gwad to see us" {cue lump in throat}.  She won't have the little chip in her front baby tooth forever.  She won't have those dimpled knuckles that much longer.  She's already stopped saying "check up" for ketchup.

On one hand I could say, all these changes and she ONLY 2 years old.  On the other hand I could say, all these changes and she's ALREADY 2 years old.  I have a sneaky suspicion it will be like that forever.  

This little girl has only been on this earth for 2 years and it's been the best 2 years of my life.  I'm not sure what was fun before her.  What did I laugh about before she was here?  What did I spend the majority of my time thinking about?  I can't even remember.  I don't want to. 

She is brilliant and funny and beautiful and curious and generous and helpful.

All of those things and so much more.  

And she's ONLY 2 years old.


My little man...

~ will be 6 weeks old on Saturday!!
~ weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21.5 inches long at his 1 month appt!!
~ is still wearing newborn clothes and wears a size 1 diaper.
~ is eating 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours...I'm looking forward to a 4 hour stretch!!
~ is still suffering from reflux. :(
~ is very vocal.  He is constantly grunting, squeaking, crying, hiccuping, etc.  He's very rarely quiet.
~ is definitely intrigued by sister.  His eyes follow her around like a hawk!

~ only has a stripe of hair on the top of his head.  He's lost the rest.
~ has blue eyes.
~ appears to be more sensitive than his sister.  I'm thinking this is a boy thing?
~ has the best big sister in the whole world!!!!

She has taken to her role so seamlessly.  I don't know that it will last forever, but I pray that it does.  She constantly likes to look at baby Jack and kiss baby Jack and she says things like, "hey wittle man" or "hey wittle buddy" or "he's the cutest wittle baby".  I die.

I didn't think I could love her more until I saw her become a big sister to baby Jack.

{She's got her mama's dance skills! :)}

I'm not sure how I got to be so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy, and amazing babies.  I thank God everyday for the gift He has given me with Reese and Jack.

I'll be back with a special blog all about our little 2-year-old Peanut!!