Thoughts on Motherhood!

1. Leaving the house will take at least an hour longer.
2. Trust your own instincts and sometimes, throw the schedule out the window!
3. As sad as it is to think Reese will never be a newborn again, I’m loving each day more and more!
4. There will be a lot of things you’ll do that you said you’d never do!
5. Somehow being pooped on, peed on, and spit up on does not gross me out!
6. If breastfeeding is way too stressful {as it was for me}, formula works just fine!
7. It’s ok to spend the first 2 weeks wondering what you got yourself into.
8. It’s also ok to not be able to fathom doing it again!
9. From the minute you find out you’re pregnant, anxiety takes on a whole new meaning!
10. I got an email today that read, “What Baby’s Poop Reveals about Her Health” and I was actually interested to see what it said!
11. You can never be “financially ready” for a baby.
12. Even though they say every baby reaches milestones at different times, it’s hard to not compare.
13. It’s ok to “have” to go to Target or Kroger just to put a baby in a really cute outfit.
14. Why do some people not pay attention to what the baby is wearing before they ask, “boy or girl?”
15. When you can handle it, get out of the house and run errands as soon as you can after having a baby!
16. Reese’s smile can fix anything in the whole wide world!
17. Being a working mom is not fun. I hate only getting to spend 2 hours {at the most} each day with her.
18. Do not research what other country’s maternity policies are. You will get very angry and threaten to leave the country.
19. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw it away instead of washing it.
20. Why don’t they make adult laundry detergent that smells like Dreft?
21. Resist the urge to spend your whole paycheck on baby clothes.
22. I HATE washing bottles, but love washing and folding teeny, tiny clothes!
23. I’ve never been more thankful for my own parents than when I became a parent myself!
24. Sometimes they just need to cry. More than a minute. Sometimes more than 10 minutes. They will eventually fall asleep.
25. It still blows my mind to look at her and think that she started as a little raisin {with a tail} and then grew every part of who she is, inside of me!


  1. Jen, you make a mother proud & are such a great mom yourself! Loved your insights and thoughts about motherhood. What a cute baby--but hey, I am a little partial to her, aren't I?? Love you!

  2. I loved this post and I believe every word of it!! Things people should tell you before you have kids, but then again would we listen?