These are a few of my favorite things...

** Peanut Edition **

So, since I am the ripe ol' age of 7 {almost 8} months, I have quite a few things that I really, really love. I have just discovered most of these things over the past few weeks and MAN, I have really been missing out!

1. Vents. They are on the ground and I love to scrape my fingers over them. I always find my way over to the vents.

2. Itty bitty, tiny pieces of....anything. I can find lint, plastic wrappers, the tiniest speck of dirt. Of course, I am not allowed to have any of it {which does NOT make me happy}, but I think of it as helping mommy and daddy keep the floor clean!

3. Screaming/screeching. Oh have I found my voice this month. Why doesn't everyone else in the world know that they are supposed to be looking at me all the time? I make sure they notice me one way or another.

4. Spitting/Raspberries. See item above. If screaming doesn't work, I blow raspberries until I think I might burst a blood vessel.

5. Tags. I kind of think it's funny that people spend money on buying me things and all I care about is the tag on the toy! Can yall guess what Christmas will be like??

6. Saying "boowboowboow". This rhymes with cow. I say it all the time.

7. Reaching out to grab everything. As evidenced below:

8. Eating....everything. As evidenced below:

9. My 2 bottom teeth!!

10. Being sooo much fun! Mommy says this is her favorite month ever. "Crawling", pulling up, and every other active thing I can do! My plan is to keep them as busy as possible for these next few months!

I hope yall enjoyed my first post...I'm sure I'll be back soon!

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