Will the real Reese Dismukes please stand up?

What do HIM:

and HER:

have in common??

They have the same name!

Ok.  So, there might be a height/weight difference and a slight age difference, but other than that...they're practically twinsies right??
Reese Dismukes, a senior from Spanish Fort has committed to Auburn next year!!  He actually committed last year as a junior, but it's now official.  ESPN has him ranked as the #1 center IN THE NATION.
Yall, that means he's good.

Know what else that means?

I predict we'll be hearing his name a lot.

So.  Obviously, I must find and collect all the "Reese Dismukes" equipment I can find.

Jerseys, t-shirts, buttons, etc.  All mine.
A picture is certainly a must.  Maybe I should find him on Facebook and start stalking him now.



  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway I was hosting on my blog. :) I've tried to find your contact information, but haven't been able to, so I thought I would just leave you a comment on your blog! Please get in touch with me and I will get your prize to you. Thanks again!!