My Fave-wit Pwace!

You might think you know where a 2-year-old loves to hang out.

A park?

That's a logical guess.


In the pool?

Why yes, that's a good thought.


But if you were to ask Reese what her favorite place is, she would tell you this:

"Pug Wits"

That's Publix in Reese-speak.  
Who can blame her though?  I mean...free cookies, balloons, coloring books.  Plus she gets to steer us around in the oh-so-coveted "car buggy".  No wonder she begs to go there when she wakes up from her nap or anytime she's buckled into her car seat.

I knew she was in love when we pulled up the other day and she exclaimed, 
"Ohhh Pug Wits...dats my faaaaaaaave-wit pwace!" 

1 comment:

  1. That is precious!
    Lily Kate still doesn't understand why she doesn't get a free cookie at Walmart. Publix spoils us!