Some videos...

It's been an exhausting week and I owe my son a 5 month post {can't believe it!} but tonight, I'm just posting a couple of videos.  Poor baby Jack has ZERO videos of him, so now's a perfect time to start.  He's doing what he does best: eating!!  He's got all the motions down.  Tonight he had apples, which were making him gag a lot.  Of course, I got that on video, but can't get it to upload.  Oh well.   He has eaten squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  He gags on apples.  Weird.  Anyways...enjoy our favorite "wittle fewwa"{little fella} eating and laughing!!

You see that right arm flapping?  He does this all day long!  Especially when he gets excited!
I could eat him with a spoon!! 

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