In Jack's world

Your vocabulary contains these 
"doo-doo" {choo-choo}
Vroom vroom
Brrrm brrrm {yes there's a difference; here's the brrrm brrrm face}:

You would be UTTERLY obsessed with this book {the vroom-vroom book}:
And Rattle-Rattle:

We must read "the vroom vroom" book 553 times a day:
I swear I read the Rattle-Rattle book 72 times in an hour:
 {eeeeeep!  that face.}

On occasion, we have to be holding both books at the same time:

The trifecta: ball, car, book about car! {what's the word for 4-fecta? There's a piano, which means noise, which means Jack's life is complete.}

These two have started interacting a lot more and that makes my mama heart happy!
 fighting over who gets to flip off the chair...

"helping" brother do patty-cake!

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