Big Day

The night before your first day of K-3 I realized that the next day would be the beginning of it all.  Once we begin down the road of "school", it will become reality for the next 18 years. And you know what?  That makes me a little sad.  There will never be another time where you will just be home and not under the care of other people.  It also makes me happy and proud because if anyone can rock K-3, it's you!  You don't know strangers and everyone is your best friend.  I hope that you are always inclusive of people because there are people in this world who need to feel included.  I hope your eye is always drawn to those people.
I have to say, sometimes I'm a little jealous of your confidence and outgoing-ness.  It's like you walk around saying "ain't nobody gonna bring me down" and that is so refreshing!  I hope you know that I will always encourage you to walk the path you're on with confidence and integrity!  You have all the characteristics of someone who can be an outstanding leader one day and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you and in what capacity He uses you.
As you start K-3 I think the biggest realization is that you might {and unfortunately, probably will} get your feelings hurt or feel left out.  That makes my heart seize up because all I want to do is protect you.  But I also realize that these are the experiences that make you strong and sensitive to others feelings and so I pray that when those situations happen, you're ready to deal with them.
I can't wait to hear about school everyday and I fully expect to hear that Mrs. Hannah told you to be quiet in the hall, because I'm afraid I will NEVER get a report that you are just too quiet and shy.  That's just who you are and who I hope you will always be: extroverted, confident, and loud!

I love you, 

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