7 {& 1/2} months!!!

Sooo, we're closer to 8 months now, but I still must post this!
If you haven't noticed, these are becoming slightly more challenging to take!

By the way, I have mixed feelings on baby jeans. They are ahhhdorable. But they have a tendency to make 7 month olds look like 7 year olds and I am NOT ok with that.

Some random bits of info:

~Wearing 3-6, and some 6-9 month clothes
~ Size 3 diapers
~ Eating EVERY single baby food option. Seriously.
~ Babbling and saying "mamama", "dadadada", and "babababa"
~ Going to bed between 7-9 PM and waking up between 8-10 AM.
~ Napping schedule is not as "scheduled"
~ NO teeth!
~ Can sit on her own. Very close to crawling. Can pull up {sometimes}.
~ Very smiley and such a charmer. Attention on her at all times please!
~ Bottle feeding is not fun. She has no time for that.

All in all, this month has been one of my favs so far. She is becoming more independent, and is sooooo happy! Besides when she's tired or hungry, she is just not a fussy baby. She has been teething for about 4 months and there are still no pearly whites. Oh well, I know I will miss how "babyish" she looks without them when they come in! Also, I think by the time I write her 8 month post, we will have a crawler on our hands!!

I promise to do better with blogging!

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  1. I remember when Peanut was smaller than the bunny!! The time has flown by and Babs & T are loving every single minute of it!!