She's no vampire...

...but, she could draw some blood.

Remember just yesterday when I talked about how there were no pearly whites in baby girl's mouth??


Apparently, she just wanted to prove me wrong, because today there is a tooth!!

I'm sure there is a technical name for the tooth, but I shall refer to it as...the bottom right tooth.

Of courrrrrrrrse, she would allow no photos, so I drew you a fabulous picture so you can see exactly which one it is!

Hahaha, this looks just like Pnut right??
{no her tooth is not green}

And yes, that little sucker is sharp!


  1. I am sure there will be others to follow very, very soon!! You got the blue eyes right--not so sure about the green tooth though! Love, Babs

  2. cuuuute! i love that green tooth. makes me laugh.