Reesie Lou Who

Do you see that little flower on the top of the screen?  Do you see how close it is to 1 YEAR OLD?


Really.  Even if I wanted to remember the {almost} last 9 months, I'm not sure I could.  Just today, I looked at her and thought, she is becoming a little person.  She's not a newborn baby, but a cackling, babbling, mobile human!

And then she fell over a roll of paper towels and busted her lip/nose. 

She needs to work on that "mobile" part a little more.  It's pretty pitiful actually.  I'm sure it's bruising nicely while she's sleeping peacefully. 

Do you need a visual image?

What is that area between your upper lip and the base of your nose called? 

Well, that's what she busted.  Along with that came a bloody nose.  For just like 3 seconds.  We've been checking on her to make she she didn't receive a concussion.

If she's channeling Cindy Lou Who tomorrow, I'll be sure to document that for the blog.

It can't be all sunshine and roses when she looks back on this, can it?


  1. Haha. Too funny! Is she OK?? Whats up with the boo boo's this week??? Hope you are LOVING the new job! :)

  2. love the picture of cindy lou who! too cute! Hope Reese feels better soon!