Playing "How big's the baby?"

Today, we had Reese's appointment at the ENT to check about the lump/knot in her cheek.  After waiting 2 hours and playing with Lolli, we finally saw the doc!

He did an ultrasound, {which was not loved by the patient} and feels 99% sure she has what is called a Hemangioma of the Parotid Gland.  What big words!

Basically, it is a mass of blood vessels that have made their home in Peanut's cheek.  He used the word "tumor", but I don't love that word, so I'm saying "mass" which isn't much better, but still.  He is 99% sure it is non-cancerous and feels that we would have seen some other symptoms if it were cancerous.  It measures 3cms and is quite a large mass.  He will be consulting some doctors at Children's Hospital to run the diagnosis by specialists {in hemangiomas?  in cheek masses?  who knows...}

Anyways, after he talks with the specialists, if they see no cause for concern, we will go back to the ENT in 6 weeks to measure the mass again and decide what to do from there.  If they feel like something more needs to be done, our ENT will be calling us and we'll take it from there.


We're in a "wait and see" mode.  Fun, huh??

Not exactly.

Words like "tumor" and "cancer" are not fun words, and especially not being swirled around the air in a room with my 9 1/2 month old daughter.  But, I know God is in control of my baby's sweet cheek {ha} and I feel confident that we have nothing to worry about.

We are praying for the mass to have decreased when we go back in 6 weeks!  Join us, won't you?

On a lighter note, today is T's birthday!!

Reese is so lucky to have a Godly, generous, and loving T!!!  What a strong example and leader you have been for our family and I don't know where we'd be without you!! 

Hope you had a great birthday!!  We love you!

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