Out of the mouths of babes!

Now that Reese has become more verbal, I have to start documenting what she says and how she says it!  She has really started to mimic words/sounds/tones that we make.

I would say that her first "real" word {besides mama, dada, etc} is LIGHT.  Much more focus on the "T" sound than the "L" sound.  Most of the time, she just says "IghT."  She also just likes to randomly say the word since we have made such a big deal about it!

Her recent word is BOOK.  Except she ends the word with a "T" sound instead of a "D" sound.  The child loves books.  I am so glad, because for a while, she showed no interest in them.  I am curious why publishers make books for infants/toddlers made of paper?  They must not have children themselves.  Seriously, the cardboard books are the only ones acceptable.

Her other word is MILK.  This sounds more like "nook".  She always draws out the vowel sounds of each word.  AND, she makes her lips look like a duck when she says real words.  There is really nothing more adorable than that. 

Whenever she wants a snack, she says BUP.  I think this is a variation of CUP.  I'll take it though!

My next mission is PLEASE.  She has been mimicking the "ease"  sound when she wants a cookie, so I take that as progress.

All of these things have come on in the past few weeks and it's just amazing at how quickly their little minds absorb things!

Brandon has also taught her how to spit.  Lovely.  It's kind of funny though.  She just makes a "Puh" sound and turns her head to the side.

I'm sure I have not done a good job of describing the words she says.  Guess I gotta break out the video camera!

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  1. I love it! it so fun when they start talking. my first word was light too!