Prepare yourself...

It's gonna be a looooong post!

We've got to cover Easter and a certain {in 24 hours} ONE year old's birthday party!

I will use less words and more pictures for the rest of the post!

 Can you tell those 2 had fun together??

 If this doesn't make you smile, I dunno what will!

We had lots of friends come to play!!

 "Sharing" the icing.  {This is our new trick!}

 Now cleaning herself up!  What a lady!

She still got down and dirty!

We had such a fun party and thanks to EVERYONE who made the day so special for Reesie!

And.  Now.  Easter!!

 After a traumatic experience in the church nursery, we had a fabulous photo shoot with our little Easter bunny!

We then celebrated Easter with Reese's Nana and Grandpaw!!

 I mean, really.

Easter will always be special to me, because it is the day we left the hospital when Reese was born.  How crazy that she celebrated her 2nd Easter before her 1st birthday!?

Not to worry, I will be back tomorrow with a recap of her actual BIRTHday.

P.S.  This exact moment last year, I was laying in a hospital bed, loaded with Ambien, preparing for my induction!


  1. AHHHH! Happy Birthday sweet Reese! I have been thinking about you all week long! SO sad that this year has flown by, but so thrilled that you have grown into such a happy and precious little girl! I hope your day is great! We love you!

  2. how adorable is she?!!! We had the first & second easters in one year too!!