Walkin Woman!

Since my brother followed my instructions and uploaded a video with my ADDDOOORAAABBLE nephew's eyes open, I figured I would post some of my Peanutty walkin!

In this next one, she talks about "ice" which are these little plastic ice cream scoops that go in her play kitchen.  She walks around holding them and saying "ice" all day {as you can see in the video above!}

I love her little drunken Frankenstein walk!!

Happy Birthday to our favorite "Bass/Babs" in the world!  Unfortunately, the 2nd "b" in "Babs" is not always attainable to Reese right now, so she switches between the 2 names!  I'm not sure there is a better mom out there and I'm so blessed to call her mine!!!

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  1. Loved seeing her walk and hearing her talk! So sweet and so cute! Yes, you do have a great mom...I know her quite well...Love to all of you.