We need to examine the differences so far with Peanut and Nugget {numero dos' name}...

1. Finding out: 
With Reese, I took the test, called Brandon to the bedroom, told him to close his eyes and laid the test in his hands.  He asked if it was a thermometer and then smarted up and cried tears of joy!  We told our parents in fun ways and everything was rainbows and sunshine and lollipops!
With Nugget, I took the test, stayed in shock for 24 hours, told my dermatologist first {while hysterical}, told my mom second {while hysterical}, told Brandon third in the Target parking lot {while hysterical}, told his parents next {while not as hysterical, still crying}.  So yeah, totally the same, right?

2. First Trimester:
With Reese, everything was once again rainbows, sunshine, and lollipops.  Besides the peeing and occasional nap, I sailed right on through the 1st trimester with not one day of nauseousness. 
With Nugget, there is no rainbows, sunshine, and lollipops {unless Preggie Pops count?}  While I did not have morning sickness, I did suffer from late afternoon/evening sickness.  NO FUN.  I would like to thank my parents for raising my child these last 3 months.  I was lucky to make it to 8:00 p.m. without crashing.  And that usually included at least a 1 hour nap earlier in the day.  I am now 12 weeks and while the sickness has subsided, I went to bed last night at 8:15.

3. Baby's Health: 
With Reese, we didn't have anything to be concerned about until 20 weeks. 
With Nugget, we got the party started right at 5 weeks.  Since I was THAT person who didn't know how far along I was, when we had the first ultrasound, we only saw a sac and no baby.  I had bloodwork done that day and my hormone levels were low.  I began taking Progesterone and when we had the ultrasound at 6 weeks we saw Nugget!  I have switched doctors to a Montgomery doctor and when I went at 9 weeks, we saw an even bigger Nugget!  So, now I'm on no more hormones and when I go back next Wednesday, I am confident we will see a 3-month-old {fetus} Nugget!  Now, as far as the condition Reese had, we won't know if this baby will have it for a few more months.  Of course, the doctor is watching it closely and I can't say I mind having ultrasounds more frequently!  He thinks sickness is a good sign that everything is developing normally and if that's what it takes to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, I will take it!

Sooo, there's the rundown {so far}.  In all seriousness, even though this baby was a complete surprise, I am {getting} excited!!  My biggest concern was feeling like I was cheating Reese out of something, but I'm not sure what.  I realize that instead of feeling that way, I should be feeling excited that she will have a {hopefully} built in best friend and playmate for life!

I mean, who wouldn't want to be BFF with this face:



  1. So excited for you! Reese (and you & B) will LOVE having a built-in playmate! I can't wait to be Aunt Lauren to another one... although another name for me needs to be in the works since Reese can say everyone's name BUT mine!

  2. Love your commentary/sentiments. Especially love the pigtails on that cute girl! Love you, Jen. Aunt Amy

  3. Oh my goddness who would NOT want to be BFF with that sweetheart??? I'm glad you're {getting} excitced about a new bundle of joy, yay!!