17 weeks...and a new man in my life!

We are almost to the half-way point in Nugget's womb journey!  I can't believe it.  I went to my check up yesterday and even though I saw the little guy/gal on the screen, it still doesn't seem real!  I have to remind myself that I'm actually growing a little person! 

Everything looked good...my blood pressure was back down to normal.  I lost 2 pounds so now I am instructed to eat every hour.  That is easier said than done.  I feel like I've been eating so much, so I really don't see how I lost weight.  BUT, the important thing is that Nuggie is growing right on track.  In fact, "it" was measuring 5 days ahead!  What a blessing!  I got to see all 10 fingers, as s/he had the little hands right up by the face.  We attempted a look at gender, but the legs were together. :(  That big appointment is scheduled for Oct. 25!!!  Dr. G. made the mistake of telling me he was a push over when it came to doing ultrasounds...yeah, that was probably not a bright move on his part! 

All kidding aside, we will be doing ultrasounds for growth/fluid check at least every 4 weeks.  We found out Reese was measuring small at her gender ultrasound, but I feel confident in this baby's health and growth!

In other news, Reese has her very first cold!  Pretty amazing that we've made it almost 18 months without a cold, but you wouldn't even know she wasn't feeling good if it wasn't for her runny nose and cough!  She's still her silly, playful self and her appetite has not been affected!


I have laid eyes on these sweet cheeks:

 I mean.  The lips.  The nose.  The cheeks!!!  Annnnd, the smell.  Why can we not find a way to bottle baby smell?  I would purchase that.

Seriously...he's soooo adorable and squeezable and squishy and I love him.


And how was Reese with this new baby around??

Clearly affected. :)

Learning important things {like shapes} and fully accessorized?

That's my girl!

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