In honor of her 17-month birthday {last week} AND my 100th post {!!} I thought I would fill you in on some fun things that Reese says and does!!
  • If she does something that she thinks is funny and you haven't acknowledged her, she will yell out "Hey Reese!"  Like, look at me now!
  • She looooves to look at pictures and videos of babies, especially herself and "baby Nonah." 
  • She thrives on routines.  She does have some OCD tendencies.  If she's done something a certain way ONE time, it must be done that way EVERY time.  For instance, she must wash her "hanes" 30 times a day, especially after she eats {which isn't a bad thing...} and we must brush our "teefies" multiple times a day as well.
  • When we sit down to eat, she wants to hold everyones hands and "pway" and she bows her head and 2 seconds later she pushes your hands away and says "eeeemen."  {I really need to get this on video!}
  • She remembers the craziest details about things.  She reads this Elmo book that has an elephant spraying water on the first page.  Well, she thinks it's rain, so it's the "rain" book and that's the only page she cares about.
  • She has another book that has different objects to find.  She goes to the page with the bee and if you don't pretend the bee is tickling her, then she grabs your fingers and makes you tickle her belly with it.
  • We walked to the mail box one time to get the mail and now she's OBSESSED.  She points out every mail box on the way home and says either "mail" or "botch".  She will cry if we don't walk to get the mail and she must carry 1 piece of mail into the house.
  • She can identify her eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, head, hair, arm, hands, fingers, belly, feet, and toes.
  • She sings "ashes, ashes" all the live.long.day.  That's the only part of Ring Around the Rosie she knows.  Although, last night she started saying "pocket" {pocket full of posies...}
  • She also sings parts of "rain, rain go away", "twinkle, twinkle little star", and "itsy bitsy spider"
  • We have left Yo Gabba Gabba behind and moved onto Barney!
  • She is so funny when it's time to go to bed.  I will tell her to get her Tigger and Gigi {lovies she sleeps with} and she will go pick them up and then come grab me by the hand and say "night night"  She will then give kisses and say "wubb woo" and then walk straight to her crib and say "der it is" and then I turn off the light, put her in bed {there is no holding, rocking, swaying, etc} and leave.  Some nights she will literally lunge for her bed.
  • If she wants you to follow her, she will come grab your hand and say "mone!"  AKA "come on"
  • Following in her OCD ways, she has become obsessed with the potty AKA "poyee".  She wants to sit on the potty and has begun saying "poyee" when her diaper is wet.  I'm really not pushing the issue at all, but I'm letting her explore the concept.
  • If I have a drink and she wants it, she will walk to the drawer where she knows the straws are and yell "taw" over and over until she gets a straw.
  • I believe her word count is over 100.  We are starting to put 2 words together, like "big tuck" for big truck and "hi T" or "hi Babs".  She does say all done, "tank" you, "hode on", and all gone.
  • Her newest word is "otay" and it is ADORABLE!  
  • Her Nana has gotten her loving on Sonic ice and Reese will say "ice peas" all day. 
  • She can pretty much feed herself with a spoon or fork.  Sometimes she needs help stabbing it with the fork, but for the most part, she's pretty good!
  • The other morning she woke up and named every family member she knew: Mommy, Daddy, Babs, T, Cot {Scott}, Jojo {Joel}, Nana, Paw, Ebie {Aunt B} then she named all her body parts and then she went back to sleep.  Haha!
  • She knows on and off, up and down, in and out. 
  • When she wants to be held, she will reach up and say "me!"  Like, "hold me" I guess.
Ok I think that is enough for now!  I just want to remember as much as I can about her at this age!

My next post will be full of pics of Reese and Nonah!!!

And because I can't write a post without a pic:


  1. I can vouch for every single one of these Reese "isms"!! Her Babs & T are usually laughing daily about her latest trick! What a fun age!

  2. This just made my day reading all of this, I love it!!!