The goods...

He's got 'em!

Our little boy.

Our little Jack!

I was shocked and so very happy.  One little girl and one little boy.  It just feels right.

Jack Ellis Dismukes
Jack was my grandmother's brother's nickname.  It means "the Lord is gracious" and He certainly is.  He knew exactly what our little family needed.  Ellis is Brandon's mom's maiden name and I love it.  It means, "the Lord is our God."  It's a simple, strong, and masculine name.  It's one syllable like Reese's name and more importantly, she can say it!

And now for the details:

At our appointment yesterday, we did not find out what it was.  We had the ultrasound tech write down what it was and put it in a sealed envelope.  Everything else about our baby was "perfect."  He was measuring exactly on schedule and estimated to weigh 13 ounces.  My blood pressure was very high, so I will have to be on meds, but the doctor doesn't feel like it's something to be overly concerned with.  At 34 weeks, I will begin having weekly non-stress tests and ultrasounds to check on the amniotic fluids.  We will deliver {probably} a few days before 39 weeks, so I'm guessing around March 1st or 2nd?  As long as everything stays on course, that is the plan!!

So, after we left the appointment we took the sealed envelope to Lauren who had already baked a pink cake and a blue cake.  She saw what the verdict was and iced the cake with white icing.

After we left her house, we got pulled over {I mean, why not?} for not wearing our seat belts {oops!}.  Luckily, he gave us a verbal warning and we were on our merry way.

We then met my parents, B's parents, Scott, Cat, Noah, and Lauren up at The Pub {thanks Blake for the hook-up} and had a private room.

We couldn't really wait any longer, so we decided to cut the cake before we ate!  As soon as we cut it, we could see the bright blue!!!  We all teared up and really had a great night surrounded by our family!

It really was such an exciting way to find out!

And now for the video:


Sorry it's dark, but you get the idea :)

And here's my preeeeeeeeeeeecious little baby who's so excited about baby Jack that she woke up this morning saying his name!!


  1. Congratulations, Jen! I am so happy for you and Brandon. i love me some boys!

  2. Aw what an awesome way to find out what you're having!!! So excited for you :) And since the dust works SO well on you, send some my way please :)