Happy "How-Da-Ween"

Otherwise known as "Halloween"!

My little princess had the best time and, as is her nature, was not shy at all.  She thoroughly enjoyed ringing the doorbells and getting her pumpkin all "fulled up!"

Army man Jack was just along for the ride most of the time!  I'm sure next year, he will be right with his big sissy.

We started our festivities at "Trunk or Treat" at the church.  CHAOS.
That's the only word to describe it!
Reesie did get to go fishing though....she loved that!

But really, Jack jack had the best seat in the house!

Then, last night we hit the neighborhood.  We really only went to a few houses, but we still had fun!

Reese didn't quite understand that you don't actually go in people's houses!  When they opened the door, she would hop right in!

Babs and Jack

It was dark by the time we really got going, so these pics are less than stellar, but it's the memories, right?

I'm pretty sure this is when she was running fast screaming,

I'm so glad my princess and army man enjoyed their How-da-ween!!

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