8 months!!

Do you see that snotty, drooly 8 MONTH OLD little boy up there??

I can't believe it!

My little Jack is becoming quite the charmer.  He smiles with his whole body.  He laughs and giggles all day.  He still isn't on a great schedule, but it's ok; I forgive him.  How can I not when I look at a face like this:

I mean, have you ever?

He is certainly smitten with his sister and as long as he's not stealing the one toy she just needs to be playing with right at that moment, she's smitten with him too!

It doesn't hurt that she apparently has irresistible hair.  Her cousin Noah thought so too.

Do you see that pinky toe?  I loooooove that pinky toe.  I really love all his toes.
Why are baby toes so adorable?

He's sitting up like a pro and army crawling like it's his job.  I imagine once he gets the hang of really crawling, I'll be exhausted at a level I cannot even imagine.

He's a pretty exhausting kiddo anyway.  Add mobility into that and Lord help us!

Do you see that middle picture?
My heart can't take his smiles sometimes.
No words.

In terms of development, not much has changed between 7 and 8 months.  Not crawling yet.  No more teeth.  No idea how much he weighs.  Still wearing the same size clothes.  9 months should be more interesting because we will at least go to the doctor and get an updated weight. 

I'm so thankful for my little boy and can't wait to see what next month brings!

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