A month gone by

A looooong time has passed since my last post...just haven't felt like blogging! A lot has happened in a month. Let's attack this bullet-style!

- Jack is now 10 months! He is cruising and clapping and waving and barking like a dog!! He says mama, dada, hey T, hey there, and bye bye.

- Reese is now potty trained!! During the day at least. I have to brag on her...she was basically trained in like 4 hours! She had 2 accidents that first morning, and has been large and in charge ever since! She is still in a pull up at night, but I couldn't be more proud!!

- We had a wonderful Christmas, although Reese had an ear infection...in fact, we were at Urgent Care Christmas Eve! I will do a more detailed post later!

I promise to do a better update later!

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