Because I said so!

**Yes, I know, Christmas has not been documented.  We are actually having our last Christmas with B's grandparents this weekend, so that is my excuse for not blogging Christmas yet.**

It's no secret that my Peanut is an amazing communicator.  She always has been.  The things she comes up with literally make me speechless, and we crack up constantly.  I just have to write down my favorite Reese-isms right now:

- she calls a restaurant, a "westernaut"
- when telling a story, she says "once about a time"
- still makes a W sound instead of an L sound: wuv you, turn on the wight, etc

- she tells me I'm her bestest girl all the time!
- puts her hands on your face and says "you're a genius!" ...no idea.
- she calls the tray on her highchair her "chair bob"...again...no idea!
- calls Jack her boy
- anytime Jack starts crawling away from her, she says "oh no!  dat boy's headed for the toewit" {toilet}...can you tell potty is on the brain?
-  a lot of things are "so siwwy {silly}"
- she calls doughnuts, "grownuts"
- her playset at Nana and Paw's house is called her "babysitter"

- if you ask her to do something and she doesn't feel like doing it, she will say she's too busy
- she can't say dizzy, so when she spins around in circles, she says she's "busy"
- a lot of things are "amazing", "awesome", "beautiful", and her "fabrit" {favorite}
- she knows she can't drink milk because "it has cheese in it" :)  close enough, right?
- if she gets a boo-boo, all you have to do is kiss it and then it's "allllllllll better, dear mommy" 
- anything flying in the sky is a "hawky-eagle" {said like one word: hawkyeagle}
- when she sulks, it's my most favorite thing.  she slumps her little shoulders, literally frowns, hangs her head, and talks in such a baby voice.  cracks me up.

{one of my most favorite pictures everrrrrrrrrrr}

- when she wants more food or drink she says, "i dust need a weeeeeeeetle bit more" 
- i think her favorite day would involve "chick-a-way", "pugwits", target {for the popcorn. duh.} and the park. i think that's what we will do on her birthday!

I know I'm going to think of like 18 more things as soon as I post this, but I've been trying to write them down as I think of them.  She literally brightens my day and makes me laugh whenever I'm around her!

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