Down at the farm

Last weekend, we celebrated Christmas {a month late} at Aunt Denise's house.  We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day!  They have an amazing home on an amazing piece of property and if I could move in tomorrow, I would!  Seriously, this is the view out their back door:

{oh, hello horsies!}

Of course, my kiddos had a blast.  What's not to love?  Wide open fields to scream and run and jump and eat grass?  YES PLEASE!

The horses were a big hit...

as was, apparently, looking through the cracks on the wrap-around porch {swoon}.

A few more of my girl on the horse:

And here's some more of "the boy"

We also got to spend time with family!  Reese loves her cousin Jaxon and baby Presley, too {of course I got not pics of that little angel baby}.

{he was telling me he's 4 years old.}

We opened a few presents...

{no pants.  potty accident.  oh well.}

we played in the "sand pit"

and chased this munchkin everywhere...

Before we knew it, the skies were getting gray, thunder was rumbling, and we decided to pack it up and head home {driving straight through the storm!}

We had to say good bye to the dogs, 

and the horses!

{mama, I'm waving bye bye to the horses...behind my head!  I'm silly.}

Thanks for hosting us, Denise!  

Now, you can take all your Christmas decorations down!

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