Just a recap...

Of this past week:

Saturday: both kids have bodily fluid issues and I'm the cleaner-upper for it all. At one point, 3 out of 4 people in our car were vomiting. Joy. But we did get to spend time with precious family!

Sunday: Easter. Jack is still sick and dehydrated. Holidays are just sort of stressful with 2 babies. Can I get an AMEN?

Monday: Reese's birthday!!!!! Exciting but tiring and WAAAAH my baby is 3! Also, I left work early to celebrate at the zoo.

Tuesday: last minute dentist appointment. Had to take up my lunch break to get my teeth cleaned.

Wednesday: Diane (babysitter) is sick, so I miss work. BUT I get an unexpected day home with a well mommy and well babies. That never happens!

Thursday: long day at work, followed by an extra 2 hours helping someone after school.

Friday: Reese has her 3 year appointment so I miss another few hours of work. I stayed after school another 2 hours to help someone.

See? Exhausting.

Plus, evenings are not kind to my children, especially in the 5:00 hour. So some nights, I walk in to total chaos and whining.

And then I whine. Obviously.

There were definitely some high points in the week, and I don't mean to complain, but Mama's ready for a relaxing weekend!

...can someone tell my kids?


And because I can't NOT post a picture:

- playtime with my girl AND
- playtime with my boy (which MUST include pushing something).

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  1. I've heard the hour from 5-6 phrased as the "hour of hell" in most families with toddlers. it definitely seems that way most days in our home. i'm learning to push through and maybe even sing really loud [okay maybe that's Scott] to fight it. know that you're not alone in the chaos! love you! and thank the Lord there's more to life than well-dressed/well-behaved kids. hallelujah!