This girl:
-called me Melody today.
-asked me if she had a beaver (fever) yesterday.
-pulls the stuffing out of her animals and then says there's coffin (cotton) everywhere.
-tells me things are dangerous, outrageous, incredible, and "bery dewicious".
-comes up and says, "but I didn't do nuffin wrong" when she has in fact done something wrong.
-when Jack has something that she wants, she will point to the sky and say, "wook Jack, there's something cool over der" just to distract him and take the toy.
-she has this green garden wagon thing that she has named "Argra". I have NO idea where this came from, but she talks about her "frand" Argra a lot.
-sucks her thumb and rubs Tigger's tag at bedtime.  It's really one of the last "baby" things she does.
-asks me all the time why she has so many burgers (boogers).
-her and Jack both LOVE the song "my life would suck without you" by the glee cast. Reese calls it the wiggle song and they both go crazy when I play it.
-went to the dentist for the first time and she proceeded to call the older gentleman dentist Dr. Grandpa because "he looked like Caillou's grandpa". Luckily he thought it was hilarious. I died in the corner of the room.
-has become a pro at peeing outside.
-has to hear a bedtime story about Princess Reese EVERY NIGHT. It usually involves Prince Noah.

This boy:
-has learned to say "uh oh" and it is seriously the cutest thing on the planet.
-is obsessed with the most boring book. It doesn't even have words; just pictures of trucks and he says "vroom" on every page.
-is always banged up. He has no fear and hardly cries when he falls, trips, rolls off a chair head first, or runs into a wall. Total boy.
-screams louder than anyone. EVER.
-literally bats his eyelashes when he knows people (esp women) are talking about him. I've never seen anything like it.
-grabs Ellie (his lovey) and buries his face into her while saying "awwwww".
-brings me his shoes and my shoes when he's ready to go outside.
-total opposite of Reese: he looooves meat. She could practically be a vegetarian and he really only wants meat.
-says "mo" alllllllllll day long. Mo snack. Mo book. Mo drink. Mo=More.
-is (finally) getting his 7th tooth in. Hasn't had any new teeth in like 5 months.
-walks around with his hands clasped behind his back like a little old man.  Sometimes he spreads them out like this:

I love them.

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