A big update!

It's been a while and I can't believe my boy is 15 months! He has really started to come alive and develop his own little personality!
- weighs 24.6 lbs (50%) and is 32 inches tall (75%)
{We went back to the doctor today and he had lost almost a pound because of some tummy issues he's been having...it looks like both of my kiddies might be allergic to dairy and soy!  Anyways, we are trying to fatten him up now!}
- wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 18 month clothes, although a lot of 12 month still fits him.
- OBSESSED with trucks, trains, tractors, etc. Literally obsessed. 
- looooooves to read, esp about trains and tractors. I took him to Books a Million today and I think he could have stayed an hour.
- is becoming more and more I interactive/playful with Reese. Makes my heart happy!
- goes to bed around 7:45 or 8 and wakes up anywhere from 7:30-10!!
- mostly takes 1 really long nap a day.
- has 7 tiny teeth and 1 molar and is working on 2 more.
- eats pretty much anything but loves chicken, blueberries, oatmeal, veggie sticks, cheese, turkey. There really isn't anything he won't eat.
- says: mama, daddy, ball, moon, no, tractor, choo choo, thunder, snack, sissy. He mimics most sounds and words right now.
- he makes all the different truck/vehicle noises.
- he can point to objects in a book if you ask him where it is...and he uses his thumb to point with!
- still loves his paci and Ellie (his lovey). 
- he is so tough!  He falls, trips, etc all day long and barely ever cries!
- he likes to push anything...strollers, cars, etc.

This is really one of my favorite ages because they are so interactive and just exploring everything around them!  

Reese is still her crazy self.  She talks LITERALLY all day long.  Her imagination is out of this world and yet she is the most logical thing.  She really thinks and "gets" things.  She also has the memory of an elephant or something that has a good memory.  Haha.  

In the car, she just talks non-stop talking about everything that she sees.  
She has no filter and has never met a stranger.  She gives random people high five in the grocery store or "westernaut" {restaurant}.  
She likes to put on shows and says "wadies and gentlemens" all day.
A lot of things are awesome, amazing, fantastic, incredible, "the best thing I never had"
She has decided she likes telling the stories before bedtime and clears her throat every time....haha.
She loves to go to Pugwits and Target and most times we're in the car she says,  "mama, it's time to go shopping"  I've created a monster.
She will still eat anything, although she is easily distracted and won't eat a whole lot at one time.

This little babies hold my whole heart!!

Also, we leave for the beach on Saturday for a WHOLE WEEK!!!  Considering I haven't used my real camera in a long time, I think I will break it out and get some good pics of the kids!

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