A week of firsts!

*Warning...lots of pics!

Reese was a world traveler this week...full of "firsts" in her little life...

--First time weighing over 5 pounds!!!
--First road trip/overnight trip to Babs and T's house!!
--First trip to Babs' work and my work!
--First bath without the umbilical cord (actually that's happening tonight)

Also, we spent some time taking some pics in her new bubble suit (thanks Babs!) Here are a few of my favs:

Also, we took our weekly rabbit pic! Each week, (or probably month, once we hit 1 month) we take a pic of Reese next to her bunny just to see how much she has grown! Enjoy the latest pic:

We will be back with more updates later!

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer,
    I am proud of you ...welcome to the world of blogging-it is a little addictive when you have someone so precious to post about!
    She is a doll baby-I need to see her in person and hold her this week though:)