Scrub-A-Dub-Dub...Reese in the tub!!

So, baby girl had her first experience in an actual bathtub and the results are in...Reese takes after her daddy! She LOVED it! She cried when we took her out. Of course, this major event in her life was well documented...including a video (which I just learned how to add.)

Please note...directly after getting out of the bathtub, she pooped all in the towel and had to be bathed again. I'm pretty sure that was intentional and she knew that would get her another dip in the warm water!

Also, we went to visit Nanna and Pawpaw's house today (Brandon's parents) and I took some cute pics of her in her bouncy seat.

She is such a sweet baby and I pray that she stays that way! Brandon and I feel so blessed and it is still crazy that she is actually here!

Babs...what day should we come visit this week?
Lolli...what day should we come visit this week?

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